Missing boy found exhausted, dehydrated, with hypothermia

Acting Sergeant Brad Pascoe from Police Air Wing talks us through the moment he spotted missing boy Luke Shambrook.

Posted by Victoria Police on Monday, April 6, 2015


THE Eildon community say they are "overwhelmed with relief" following the miraculous survival of 11-year-old boy Luke Shambrook.

The boy went missing on Good Friday after he wandered off from his family's campsite at Candlebark campground in Central Victoria.

In the nearby town of Eildon, residents are ecstatic over news the boy had been found.

Thornton farmer Jeff Bates, who used to work in the national park area said the terrain the boy went missing in was "very dry and very steep".

"It's a credit to his endurance and physical wellbeing that he survived," he said.

"Thank god he's been found alive."

Mr Bates's sentiments were echoed by the local shop assistant Samantha Dean, who said town members had described overwhelming feelings of relief.

"I just know we've been looking out, hoping and praying ... it's just the talk of the town," she said.

"Everyone is so relieved and happy for the family and that little boy."

The comments came as Victoria Police released more details of the search.

Searchers in a helicopter spotted the boy off Skyline Road, just before midday on Tuesday morning

Victoria Police Acting Commander Rick Nugent said he was confident the boy would have eventually been found, even with cloud cover that may have hampered the chopper's search.

"It's still a challenge because there are areas of this scrub where you can't see more than 10m and less, so if he's sitting down, lying down, it still would have been a challenge," he said.

Commander Nugent said the boy was not able to communicate with the searchers, but he was offered water and food when they found him.

"An 11-year-old boy, challenged as he is with his autism, he's a courageous, resilient, strong young man," he said.

12:30 PM Missing autistic boy found alive

MISSING 11-year-old Luke Shambrook has been found after an extensive five-day search.

Luke, who has autism, was located just before midday by the Victoria Air Wing and is now receiving medical treatment. 

He disappeared from the Candlebark camping ground, near Lake Elidon on Good Friday where he was holidaying with this family.

Fantastic news! Missing boy Luke Shambrook has been found alive. Further information to follow → http://bit.ly/1H0jgDK

Posted by Victoria Police on Monday, April 6, 2015

Victoria Police Acting Commander Rick Nugent said finding him is a 'miracle'.

"We're not aware of anything other than him being exhausted, dehydrated and suffering hypothermia," he said.

"You will have all seen the terrain here, how thick it is, how cold it's been of a night. We've had rain most of this morning. To spot him now is an absolute relief and the joy by all of us that he's been found."

"In some ways it's a miracle."

Police said Luke was found just before midday off Skyline Road by Victoria Police Air Wing.

"We're advised that he's still wearing all of the clothes that he went missing in and the only thing missing at this stage is the beanie."

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