Chelsea van Rijn from Trevallan Lifestyle Centre talks classic plants.
Chelsea van Rijn from Trevallan Lifestyle Centre talks classic plants. Contributed

Memory lane is full with blooms

EVER wondered why certain TV shows aren't on anymore, yet others are constantly replayed?

Like why Big Brother is about to have its 100th season (or something close to that) but Growing Pains or Knight Rider don't even warrant a re-run?

I often wonder the same thing with plants.

I wonder why some plants can be released 100 different times just because this newer one has a fat pink stripe and the older one had a thin pink stripe, yet the 'oldies but goodies' seem to disappear.

Rondeletia amoena is an oldie but still a classic.

For so long now I've felt like I was the only person who had even heard of this plant, but recently it's making a starring comeback.

And why not?

This plant takes my winter blues away and lets me know spring is almost here.

Whether it be in the garden or a pot, this plant is a must for all gardeners.

So don't class it as old-fashioned - consider it timeless.

Why do I consider it timeless?

Why should every garden have one?

Could it be the clusters of deep pink buds which will slowly open to salmon-pink flowers?

Or that it flowers in the cold winter through to spring?

Or is it that it is an evergreen small tree, growing to about 3m tall, with dense green foliage making the perfect tree for hedging or as a feature?

Is it the simple fact that it's on Energex's highly recommended list for planting under power lines?

Or is it the deliciously scented flowers that do not have an overpowering scent, more a gentle waft past the nose, just enough to let you know something beautiful is blooming?

I could honestly sit all day in the garden and breathe in this divine scent.

It's all of these things that make this plant a classic and my all-time favourite plant.

When they named this plant they certainly knew what they were doing.

The genus name, Rondeletia, commemorates Guillaume Rondelet, a 16th century French naturalist and the species name, amoena, is from the Latin meaning "lovely" - and lovely it is.

Rondeletia amoenas are very versatile and can be grown in full sun or part shade.

It is a very tough, drought-tolerant plant that would suit any style of garden from tropical to formal.

They can be bothered by heavy frosts so try to protect it if you suffer from Jack Frost.

These plants are hardly bothered by pests or disease and they even attract butterflies.

Whether you have a green thumb or a slightly brown-tinged one, Rondeletia amoena are for you.

A small trim after flowering and fertilise with an organic slow release fertiliser, like Organic Link, every three months, will promote a denser form and more beautiful plant.

This weekend spoil yourself and take a trip back.

Rondeletia amoena are the best and easiest way to give yourself and garden some TLC during these colder months.


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