Melbourne shift rocks former blues girl

Dallas Frasca is looking forward to playing at Byron Bay Brewery and catching up with some good mates in her old home region.
Dallas Frasca is looking forward to playing at Byron Bay Brewery and catching up with some good mates in her old home region.

DALLAS Frasca might rock hard but she has a soft spot for the Northern Rivers.

It's the place she called home for three years and first channelled her inner blues mamma, gaining recognition as a powerful singer and comparisons to legendary artists such as the late Janis Joplin.

However, after moving to Melbourne, Frasca was drawn to rockier waters.

"You grow and you evolve," she tells Pulse.

"The direction has altered slightly but it's somewhere we've wanted to go."

Frasca's second full-length studio album, Sound Painter, was released earlier this year to praise on all fronts and she perceives it as a milestone in her songwriting career.

She and guitarist Jeff Curran finally found their knack for songwriting.

"With this album we'd finished our apprenticeship and were ready to get solid and serious about our songwriting," she says.

"I used to think we were more of a jamming band, with Jeff playing traditional riffs on guitar, but we've found our feet and where we stand as a band."

Frasca and Curran have been wowing audiences together for the past seven years, however Curran has found himself playing a bigger role in the creation of the band's songs lately.

"He's a great guitarist; I mean, he plays the guitar upside down and back-to-front but he also writes this incredible music," Frasca says.

"When I was writing all the songs, I felt like the audience was only getting 10% of what we were capable of. We play under my name but Jeff has heaps of input into the songs."

And with a new drummer in the band, Frasca says the trio's live shows have stepped up a notch, too.

Samuel Lukeis, who drummed for The Darling Buds and is a childhood friend of Frasca's boyfriend, actor Scott Major, has re-inspired the red-haired rock chick.

"Our other drummer decided to go and have babies, as you do," Frasca says.

"Sam surprises me when we play and it's taken the band up another level. It feels like the puzzle is now complete."

Always looking to push boundaries, Frasca has gone to extra effort to wow audiences on her current Australian tour and went for a ride in an inflatable pool at a gig earlier this month.

"Jeff went down to Kmart and bought a kiddies pool for $50. I ended up getting in and floating around on a crowd of 3000 people," she says.

They plan to whip the pool out, along with some new songs, at Frasca's Byron Bay show next week.

"Expect some big rock riffage," Frasca says.

She is also excited about playing a show in the region where she cut her musical teeth.

"It's a really unique energy up there. The people there know what I'm talking about. It's going to be cool to catch up with some good mates."

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