Letters to the editor - Feb 22

Mega quarry madness

Jeff Champion (Echo, February 9) has complained about the LEP and KPoM potential restrictions on private property, yet the Champions Quarry buffer zone will do much the same thing, placing a long list of restrictions on use of surrounding private property. Property rights would be removed and private properties devalued by this quarry buffer zone. The developer states he wants "freedom and choice for our children and grandchildren". What about the property owners' children and grandchildren of Tucki? Their freedom and choices will be removed by this quarry expansion. Many of the houses threatened by these restrictions were previously subdivided or built by the developer who is now intending to place a restrictive quarry buffer zone on them.

Councillors refused the development when detail of problems became apparent. Land & Environment Court examination revealed more deficiencies resulting in two more refusals. Now State Planning & Infrastructure has allowed the developer three goes at getting it right (Environmental Assessment, Response to Submissions and now a Preferred Project Report currently on exhibition).

The developer claims the Woolley bund has been removed. Two unapproved, unauthorised bunds remain in place, with a portion of dirt moved. The developer claims visual, construction noise and Aboriginal issues have been addressed, however his latest revised 'Statement of Commitment' claims plans will be forthcoming "after approval". How can a development be assessed without detailed plans? This is a Major Project, not a DA for a preschool parking lot. There is no Environmental Plan provided for detailed sludge pond plans - to be done after approval. The sand washery was withdrawn from L&E Court because water issues were not shown to be controllable.

The Tuckean Wetland adjoins project site, yet no Vegetation Management Plan provided - to be done after approval. The area is extremely important to Tucki's koala population.

There is no Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan provided. Again the developer claims it will be forthcoming after approval. Controversy surrounding Aboriginal cultural heritage on project site needs decisive plan for assessment. The developer applied to the state for assessment of a Major Project but has not provided plans or hard facts to assess how all impacts can be controlled.

The developers use of ICNG (Interim Construction Noise Guideline) permits higher construction noise levels for the development. This guideline specifically states it does NOT apply to mines and quarries. The development cannot comply with reasonable noise levels.

The developer's Road and Traffic report states NO adverse impacts on traffic flows and road safety. The community believes 100 extra truck movements per day will cause road safety issues. Road contributions proposed fall far short of Council's calculations. Ratepayers would be left to foot the bill.

The developer suggests Council may not have a role in Part 3A process at State. The community feels Council has a responsibility to object to proposed road levies offered. Much of the burden of compliance will fall on Council. Council must continue to be engaged in the assessment process by State Planning.

The Preferred Project Report is currently exhibited on Planning & Infrastructure website, at Lismore City Council and at Lismore Library for comment.

Chris Woolley

Chairman, Tucki Community Against Mega Quarry


Greed is bad

How is it that major banks can make such huge profits and still cry "poor"? They have no regard for the average person with a mortgage but are seemingly intent on making mega profits for the affluent. It's a disgrace that they can increase interest loans, sack workers and send jobs offshore. If we have another major international financial meltdown, I don't see why Australian taxpayers' money should be used to protect these greedy financial institutions.

Cherie Imlah



Koala plan

In response to Jeff Champion's letter (Echo, February 9) I have no interest in perpetuating an 'us' and 'them' situation. I applaud the fact that you have retained koala trees on your property when you "could have legally cleared the lot!" but I don't know if you can rightly claim to "know as much or more about koalas than many of the claimed experts". I'm sure your priorities are other than spending your life dedicated to retaining koalas in a healthy state in our region as they do.

In relation to already having the SEPP 44 to protect koalas and koala habitat, I don't believe that this affords any definitive protections, thus the need seen by council for this local Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) to be created. As you said, there were no protections from you "clearing the lot".

I can't see, from reading the draft KPoM that farmers or landowners in our shire will be affected at all, only those like yourself who may wish to apply for large developments. That is why I was concerned to observe a lot of anger being drummed up at the meeting we're referring to, with local farmers who had no need to be concerned but were being told they did.

To say "I am not a developer, nor is Graham Meineke" brings into question what is a 'developer'. Aren't you the same Jeff Champion who developed Hazlemount Lane, a rural subdivision, and who is currently applying for the development of a very large quarry? Isn't Graham Meineke the proprietor of 'GM Developments'? Surely you're more developers than most people who would just rent or buy a house to live in.

I am definitely not against development but know that developers need to be conscious of the environment in which they are placing their developments and in our local area that requires a strong commitment to saving the relatively few koalas left in our region. That's why we need this KPoM to help improve their chances.

Lydia Kindred



Mitigation measures

Cr Graham Mieneke is certainly aware both of the draft comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) and of the current situation in regard to how koala management is addressed under state legislation. I'm therefore bemused by his letter (Echo, February 2) as it is both misleading and confusing for those who aren't well informed.

Yes, it's true the KPoM formalises what's currently required under SEPP 44, but also under the Native Vegetation Act and other state legislation, as well as Lismore Council's Local Environment Plan. The real advantage of a KPoM for landowners in the affected area who wish to develop their land is that for the first time the necessary requirements are pulled together into one document, and that what's required is transparent. In addition, it provides a raft of management activities that will assist us to ensure that koalas, as well as humans, have a future in their habitat - something I'm sure most of the people at the meeting would want to do. Furthermore, at present there are currently no guidelines for compensation measures when koala food trees have to be removed, which can lead to some developers having onerous conditions applied and others not having to compensate adequately. The KPoM makes these requirements transparent, which means that people know what to expect whereas now measures can be applied inequitably. Cr Meineke seems to have ignored the benefits, and I'm not sure why because, given his knowledge and experience, they're pretty obvious.

However, Cr Meineke also made statements which are misleading or wrong. For example, how a large development, defined as equivalent to a subdivision into more than four lots, could fit into a 'small area of a 20 hectare lot' is vague and misleading. Furthermore, his statement that developers will have to provide land as compensation elsewhere if they destroy koala habitat and food trees is wrong.

Compensation is only considered after three options in regard to a proposed development have been exhausted. The first option, and clearly the most desirable, is to retain and protect koala trees and habitat, with strategies on how landowners in the affected area could do that if they want to develop their land. The second is to avoid or minimise any adverse impacts of a development on koala food trees and habitat, with another set of strategies on how to do that. If retention and minimisation have been identified and implemented, the third option is to mitigate against any residual impacts of the development - there may, of course, be none.

The draft KPOM states explicitly that 'only after all feasible mitigation measures have been identified and/or implemented will compensation for loss of trees identified as food trees or koala habitat be considered'. In other words, compensation is the last resort and yet Cr Meineke manages to make it seem as though it has to happen. And if finally compensation has to be considered, it's clear to me that this would have to be negotiated first with Council and, if it involved Crown land, also the state government. Whilst transfers of land do occur now, my experience with both spheres of government tells me they're generally most reluctant to agree to taking on responsibility for additional land.

It's most unfortunate this KPoM is being considered by Council with a Council election looming in September. Experience tells me that in election years some councillors and would-be councillors make almost any issue a political issue. I hope the interests of koalas and the overwhelming majority of residents of Lismore, who want to see certainty about the future of our koalas, are not placed second to loud and well-orchestrated political interests. As last week's article in the SMH Good Weekend so clearly demonstrated, whilst most people care equally about people and koalas, on this issue our koalas who, unlike us, cannot speak for themselves, desperately need people of goodwill to speak for them - before they disappear.

Apart from emailing your councillors to let them know you want them to protect koalas, I urge you to also email the Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, to urge the federal government to list koalas as a nationally threatened species now!

Ros Irwin



And also...

Jeff Champion (Echo, February 9) says the reason farmers are opposed to the draft comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) is because of the environmental zone restrictions that it will place on farmland. That's interesting, because there are no environmental zones in the KPoM - they're in the draft Local Environment Plan (LEP). That's just one of a number of misunderstandings/misinformation demonstrated in Jeff's letter.

Ros Irwin



Chilling reading

The coal seam gas (CSG) industry poses great danger to Australia's environment and Australians' health. In a previous letter I mentioned impacts of gas drilling on human and animal health by Bamberger & Oswald, which detailed livestock poisoning by fracking wastewater leaks in the USA. Couldn't happen here, could it? Surprise, surprise - The Sydney Morning Herald (February 10, "Arsenic and lead found in contaminated water leak at coal seam gas drill site") quotes CSG company Santos confirming that polluted water leaked four times since June 2011 at their Pilliga CSG site.

Toxic heavy metals - arsenic, lead and chromium - plus traces of petrochemicals were detected in water and earth samples. Tests last year also showed metals and chemicals, which were initially blamed on farm fertilisers. Santos then conceded an unreported spill of 10,000 litres had occurred in June. It now reports a series of leaks but "believe these... represented no material risk to the environment, they were reported to government as required... safety practices... are being upgraded to bring them into line with industry best practice".

"No material risk", so that's alright then?

Conservationists describe a degraded Pilliga area criss-crossed by pipes and wells. "Most... vegetation is dying in the areas that are contaminated, and there are these standing pools of black sludge", Carmel Flint of the North East Forest Alliance said. A state government investigation has been running for eight months - Industry and Investment NSW staff visiting in August and November. "The extent... of any environmental harm... is being investigated... however access... has been hampered by recent flooding", a spokeswoman said. What does happen to toxic fracking wastewater in torrential rain and major flooding?

The Sydney Morning Herald (February 11, "New study dirties coal seam gas image") reported US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research in the Journal of Geophysical Research, showing "greenhouse gases are leaking from some US gas drilling sites at up to double the expected amounts, raising questions over the use of gas as a low-emissions fuel... about 4% of the gas being extracted... industry in the US has argued that not more than 2%... escapes into the atmosphere... methane is up to 100 times more potent than carbon dioxide... [but] has a shorter life span... meaning that most of the warming effect... is concentrated into the next two decades, a crucial period for avoiding... dangerously rapid climate change. The report has implications for Australia's CSG industry, which is marketing itself as a source of clean energy."

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association commented, "Irrespective of the credibility... of the report... unlike the American industry, Australian gas producers... have a carbon pricing scheme that requires they pay for all emissions and provides an incentive to reduce emissions".

Self-regulation, so that's alright then?

Alas, our environmental protection laws are not adequately enforced and too often industry doesn't self-regulate. "Living in the dusty shadow of coal mining", The Australian, January 28, highlighted: the health dangers of Qld government's failure to regulate an open cut mine; the latter's failure to self-regulate; a Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) letter to federal Environment Minister Burke, requesting action, stating that the mine had already subjected the surrounding population to "serious pollution which is likely to have affected their health and this situation has existed since 2006". Read the DEA's submissions to the NSW and federal inquiries on CSG (available on their web page dea.org.au). They are clear, comprehensive, cogent - and make chilling reading!

Dr Len Martin



Aye, aye captain

In response to P Griffin (Echo, February 9) if you wish to complain or criticise the Union flag on our great heritage Australian flag, get your facts correct before shooting your gob off. You refer to the Union Flag as the Union Jack; to correct you it is only referred to as 'The Jack' when flown from a ship's masthead. So pull your head in or it may fall off.

Jim Harvie



It's your ABC

As media moguls and mining magnates jostle for potential control of Australian media, the time is ripe for people in regional areas to acknowledge the significant role played by our national broadcasters: ABC and SBS. It is increasingly important for the public to have access to independent media outlets, untainted by commercial imperatives. Together, ABC and SBS provide a thorough analysis of national and local issues, an Australian perspective on world events, access to foreign language news and films, high quality Australian drama and support for local performers, filmmakers and writers. They actively reflect the cultural diversity of our nation.

Without SBS and the ABC there would be little reporting of sports such as soccer, cycling or any forms of women's sport, there would be little discussion of religion or ethics, little reporting of scientific or rural issues and limited access to classical music. The vast network of ABC regional stations provides vital information in times of national disaster.

Neville Jennings

President, Northern Rivers Friends of the ABC


Inform yourself

So the Ratepayers Association of Lismore Incorporated think Council needs to attend to core services of roads, water, sewer and rubbish. If some of this group actually attended Council meetings, they would realise that Council staff already focus most of Council's resources and staff time on these matters. However, the role of city councillor is to plan for the future of the region, ensuring that adequate land is available so farming can continue, habitat corridors are identified and development can occur. I suggest you come along to Council meetings and find out what Council actually does, on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm, Council Chambers, Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah.

Vanessa Ekins

Lismore City Councillor


Splendid decision

Just wanted to write in and say well done to all those who worked hard for Splendour to return to the Byron area. Events like this are really important for the social and cultural life of the Far North Coast - tourists don't visit and locals don't live here just for the beautiful views and the beaches, we are all here for the unique atmosphere and events. While taking care with our environment and impact on local residents, we should celebrate and promote this!

Kate Olivieri



The main agenda

Thanks to Paul A Recher, ("Racist reaction", Echo, February 9) and others like Tim Blair, (Telegraph, January 30) who are watching and thinking more clearly than some about what's going on in this nation. More to the point, what's going on behind the scenes and maybe, even under the table? Is anyone else thinking: how sad; how long does it take to grow up? Please, re-focus on the main agenda, you know, where everyone is included in the "big picture" and we all get a "fair go". Lismore is my birthplace and I have a love for this town and its people, and future prospects. I am going to believe for the best.

Marie Close



No sense

It makes no economic or environmental sense for Clarence Moreton Resources (trading as Red Sky Energy) to continue with its objective of turning its Talma-1 well, 23km from Yamba, into a production well.

When Australia's arable land is already shrinking, prime agricultural land such as that covered by Clarence Moreton Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL457) should not be turned into an industrial intensive mining site.

How will the neighbours and the local fauna react to the thousands of heavy truck movements required over the life of the wells? To the noise generated by the drilling process, diesel generators and high pressure pumps turning millions of litres of clean water into toxic "produced water" that contains radionuclides and heavy metals?

How can Clarence Moreton Resources justify its "business as usual" attitude by accelerating climate change through the "accidental" release and intentional burning of methane - 20 times more potent (some say 100!) in its greenhouse effect than CO²!

Why does the gas industry claim gas as a necessary "transitional fuel" when studies show that its greenhouse benefits, in comparison to coal, are negligible? Furthermore, when Beyond Zero Emissions have already developed a viable and fully costed plan to make Australia's stationary energy sector zero carbon within a decade, why do we pursue an obsolete fossil fuel model that will see profits go to overseas companies?

Instead, we should be investing in solar thermal plants which create long-term jobs and export innovation to the world. Such initiatives would strengthen our energy security and put us at the forefront of a dawning renewable energy economy.

Adam Guise



Black, white or blue

Geez Eddie (Bunyip Aristocracy - Echo, February 16) where do you dream this stuff up? No one in this country cares whether one is black/white/blue or brindle in this day and age. What matters is the behaviour one exhibits.

Darcy Mckee



Political spin

What was Ms Saffin's political spin in the last federal election campaign? "I'm voting for Janelle, not a political party". Oh sure!

We all see from last week's Four Corners program what spin that is. Ms Saffin has been a member of the Labor Party for over 20 years. She was a parliamentary member of the dysfunctional state Labor government for eight years, before entering federal politics.

Four Corners also reports she is very much involved in the Rudd/ Gillard debacle as a Rudd supporter.

She will never cross the floor on Labor policy, or she will be expelled from the party. She voted for the carbon tax even though she said there was not going to be one. A vote for Ms Saffin was a vote not only for Janelle, but also the incompetence and deceit of this Labor government.

Kevin Hogan

Page chairman,

The Nationals


Waiting for the crash

The Australian Banking Regulator, a government body acting on advice from economists, recently gave Australian banks one week to "stress test" their resilience to unemployment rising sharply to 12%, a 30% decline in residential and 40% decline in commercial property values and a contraction of GDP.

Our government knows what's coming, but you won't hear it from them... yet. Some economists are expecting job losses of around 100,000 in the coming months.

Job losses in the banking sector signify a disturbing scenario. Mortgage lending has stalled, largely because banks are finally seeing the result of the real estate "bubble". Some suspect over-pricing of about 150%. Due to that and other factors, the banks are reluctant to lend money for houses that are likely to lose their value. So, new building approvals are dropping alarmingly.

Up until 2008, retailers did well as Australians went further into debt. Now, households have become slaves to that debt, many are struggling and disposable incomes have dropped dramatically. So, big job losses to come in the retail sector. Not to mention manufacturing and tourism.

The annual 35% increase in the obscene wealth of the top 1% through profiteering can only deprive those profited from; those that made up the market that is steadily collapsing.

When the government finally admits what's happening because they have to, we'll be told we need to endure "austerity" measures to "ride out the difficult period", I bet.

The capitalists lending the money to bereft governments are insisting on a reduction in living standards, and would have no qualms about creating a slave class to enhance profits.

Under capitalism, that's who's in control.

Doug Burt



Use it or lose it

For many years our community worked towards, and waited for, services in our local shopping centre. We now enjoy the benefits of a range of retail and medical services, including our wonderful pharmacist, to whom nothing is a trouble. Phil and his wife Lynne own and run the chemist shop. They are completely involved in the local community, continually giving their support and 'prizes' to numerous community endeavours. They also do much "behind the scenes", working quietly to help and support many people in need - work that you and I know nothing about.

The purpose of this letter is to remind locals of the old adage: 'use it or lose it'.

If you appreciate having a caring pharmacist to give advice on all manner of medical issues; if you appreciate having your medicines home-delivered; if you appreciate being able to call your pharmacist out of hours in emergencies; if you appreciate having a local chemist, then you will also appreciate that the buying power of a small chemist-retailer cannot compete with national chemist outlets. What is more important: personal, caring advice, community involvement, and local convenience, or saving a couple of dollars on your script? (You probably used the savings on fuel!)

There would be much lamenting in Wollongbar if we lost our chemist shop, but hey, it's in your hands.

Marilyn Perkins



Rights removed

Jumping on the bandwagon has always amused us at the Ratepayers Association of Lismore Incorporated. Coal seam gas (CSG) is a classic example.

There is to be a public CSG meeting on March 1 at the Lismore Workers Club and just look at some of the speakers...

We are particularly amused by the fact that the Labor Party is involved; remember it was this party that issued all the CSG licenses we are now fighting. And then there's the Greens, who cannot walk away from this either. The Greens are closely aligned with Labor, just look to our federal government to see how close this relationship actually is. As for our current NSW Liberal/Nationals government the jury is still out as to whether they will be any better than the Labor government they replaced. In their favour, at least they have not issued any new CSG licences since gaining government, and as they have yet to release their official CSG policy we are prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt at this stage.

As for CSG, the Ratepayers Association likes it about as much as we do environment zones. Both are shoved down our throats with no regard to what we think or the effect they will have on us or our businesses. The people pushing these policies simply just don't seem to care. So whether we are crushed under the boot of a CSG worker or that of an ecologist from Lismore City Council, in the end it is of little difference to us. Our rights are still removed, the ability for us to go about our lives unhindered is destroyed and our livelihood is threatened.

There are good people fighting against CSG, indeed one from the Keerrong Gas Squad attended a Ratepayers meeting last year to give us an update. I say to these people don't let the fight against CSG be hijacked for the political ends of some, especially the ones who are backed by the people who actually caused the problem in the first place!

Greg Bennett

President, Ratepayers Association of Lismore Incorporated


Slaughtering whales to save face

An open letter to the Japanese Prime Minister and the Japanese Ambassador in Canberra,

I am writing to you today, to seriously object and complain about the Japanese whaling industry and their yearly slaughter of whales in the Antarctic.

How dare you commit this unforgivable act!!

Scientific whaling! What a complete load of bullshit!

Don't you realise what an absolute disaster for world opinion against Japan these criminal actions are causing?

No you don't do you? This is an act of Japanese, pig-headed chauvinism, the same aggressive, self serving nationalism Japan displayed in World War II.

After the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, my family donated $300 to the Red Cross appeal in Australia. My son who is 16 years old donated $30 from his money he earns from his job after school.

As we watched your yearly scientific whaling fleet moving to slaughter the whales again on TV he asked me, "why are the Japanese so cruel, to kill whales which don't belong to them and why did we as a family donate $300 to help them rebuild after the disaster in 2011?"

Well, I am asking for my $300 to be returned!!

That's right mate, you read it correctly, not only do I want my family's $300 returned, when the next earthquake hits Japan, my family and thousands more like us in Australia will donate ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… Not one single dollar.

How dare the Japanese government use some of the money that was donated by the world community to re-fit your bloody whaling vessels with water cannons to attack the Sea Shepherd boats that are more than justified in trying to prevent your bloody scientific whaling bullshit slaughter!! How dare you!!

You as ambassador should hang your head in shame. Wait till the next earthquake hits you and the Australian population donates nothing.

These criminal actions of the Japanese government and the whaling industry are showing the world you have learned nothing from World War II! Japan is still acting with aggression towards its neighbours, you don't have the slightest concerns about other nations' views, except your own narrow, face- saving national interest.

I want my family's $300 back, mate!

I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Australian Prime Minister to ask that the Japanese ambassador be sent home in disgrace.

The Japanese government is only continuing the whale slaughter to save face. You are too arrogant to admit you are wrong. Slaughtering whales that your own population won't even eat. To save face, what a stupid concept, you have no face to save in Australia. You have lost face by your cruel, self-serving actions of slaughtering whales. The whales belong to the entire planet, not some bureaucrat in the Japanese government or the fisheries department.

I want my $300 back, send me a cheque!

What will you do with the thousands of tonnes of whale meat you have stockpiled in frozen warehouses? Use it for pet food? Or are you doing that already?

Your narrow-minded actions of this yearly whale slaughter have shamed Japan internationally; this is a criminal action that is condemned worldwide. I will organise a boycott of all Japanese goods, telling all my family and friends to boycott all Japanese-made products, until the Japanese government announces it will no longer continue this deeply shameful slaughter of whales for scientific research. What a joke.

Trevor Thomas



Quarry expansion

Goodness me, the contents of the letters in The Echo on February 16 by Rod Wadsworth and Chris Woolley about Champions Quarry are unbelievable. But if I don't reply, people will think I'm guilty.

Wadsworth's property is not under threat of restrictions being placed on his property rights by the Champions Quarry expansion. Neither Wadsworth's nor 23 houses are in the buffer zones.

The Wadsworths chose to build and live 30 metres from a very busy main road, namely Wyrallah Road, long after the quarry commenced operating. Road noise is what the Wadsworths suffer from, not the "nasty" impact of the quarry.

The Wadsworths are serial letter writers. Most households who write for or against a development might send one or several letters. Not so the Wadsworths. Approximately 100 letters were sent against the original DA. A good way to skew the outcome?

Mr Wadsworth thinks my opposition to the LEP and KPoM is hypocritical. He thinks the LEP and KPoM have good intentions. I guess, because he only owns a hobby farm, he doesn't have concerns for himself.

Greed is not driving the Champions Quarry expansion. It is to meet the demand for road and construction materials, lessen haulage distances and costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When quarries first had to be registered in the 1990s LCC visited Champions Quarry and said if the quarry wasn't registered by me then Council would register it as it was an important resource.

Mr Wadsworth seems very biased, despite the fact that he used to work for Champions Quarry, doing welding.

Once again, Mr Wadsworth rants about the Woolley bund, visual issues, construction noise and Aboriginal cultural issues having been addressed. "Addressed to where?" he asks. "Issues to be addressed and posted away," he states.

It is obvious Mr Wadsworth has not read the Part 3A and Preferred Project Report currently on display. All these issues are addressed.

Mr Wadsworth claims that Champions Quarry will pay a "pittance in relation to road haulage damage". This is an outright lie. Champions Quarry always has and always will pay the legal road levies charged by LCC.

Despite Mr Wadsworth's misleading claim, there will not be 100 trucks on the road every working day.

Come on Rod, stop maligning people and making wild, untrue and defamatory statements. There is no greed at stake here, just people working hard and wanting to provide essential material and jobs for the region.

As for Mr Woolley's letter, he is a vexatious serial complainant who has acted with an LCC planner and the Mayor to ensure ongoing complaints. I don't have space to address all issues here, but suffice to say Mr Woolley purchased his hobby farm at a major discount many years ago, due to the fact the quarry's haul road came out past his entrance. This is not the case now, so Mr Woolley should be pleased. However, that's too much to hope for.

Jeff Champion

Tucki Tucki


Gas meeting

The city of Lismore is surrounded by coal seam gas exploration licences, some of them are due to be activated and are very close to the urban area such as at Lagoon Grass. A CSG well can be established 200 metres from existing houses.

Are the residents of Lismore prepared to be subjected to the 24/7 air and noise pollution caused by CSG mining?

Are property owners going to see the value of their properties fall because of this industry?

Are jobs in Lismore going to be put under threat due to CSG activity such as fracking damaging and polluting the underground water that our rural enterprises rely on?

Come and find the answers to these and other questions on CSG mining at a public meeting to be held at the Lismore Workers Club at 7pm on Thursday, March 1.

Speaking at the meeting will be Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell, Norco chairman Greg McNamara, Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith of The National Toxic Network, Dr Wayne Somerville, a clinical psychologist and beef producer, Amelia Telford of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Jeremy Buckingham MLC and deputy chair of the NSW Government Upper House Inquiry into Coal Seam Gas that held hearings in the Northern Rivers last year.

At the end of the speakers' presentations there will be a Q&A session.

If you want to be better informed about the impacts of the coal seam gas industry in the Lismore area please attend this meeting.

Simon Chance

Richmond Hill

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