BYRON BAY golfer Matt Crandell took out the Easter tournament at the Lismore Workers Golf Club on Saturday.

He finished one over par with a total of 106 after the competition was reduced from 36 to 27 holes because of persistent rain.

Crandell is a regular at the event and has won several Byron Bay club championships.

Palm Meadows golfer Gene Ward came second with 109, finishing ahead of Coolangatta-Tweed's Scott Mayo on countback.

Despite the weather, 195 golfers teed off on Friday. The event was expected to attract 480 golfers over two days but rain reduced the field on Saturday to only 70.

Competition organisers were happy with how the course held up in the conditions.

Forty-three visitors mainly from clubs in northern NSW and south-east Queensland turned out.

The Ambrose competition due to be played yesterday was cancelled.

Lismore golfers fared well at the weekend.

Gordon Dutton was overall nett winner with 100.5 and Sergio Zanuso the runner-up.

Peter McDade won the senior gross and Paul Gahan the senior nett.

Lucas Higgins from the Gold Coast won the junior competition with a score of 112.

The Lismore club championships will be played next month.


Gross winner Mat Crandell (106); runner-up Gene Ward (108); second runner-up Scott Mayo (108). Nett winner Gordon Dutton (100.5); runner-up Sergio Zanuso (100.5); second runner-up Michael McClelland (102). Juniors: Gross winner Lucas Higgins (112). Seniors gross winner Peter McDade (119); runner-up Bob McClelland (121). Seniors nett winner Paul Gahan (106.5); runner-up Mark Hilder (108.5); second runner-up Tom DeBolt (110). A-grade nett Mark Oaten (104.5); B-grade nett Rex Parrish (104.5); C-grade nett John Carroll (109).

Day 1: Overall gross Mat Crandell (70). Overall nett Paul Gahan (65). A-grade gross Scott Mayo (71); B-grade gross Tim Grimson (78); C-grade gross Stephen Clough (90). A-grade nett Stephen Fredericks (69); runner-up Michael McClelland (70); B-grade nett Joshua Sharp (68); runner-up Sergio Zanuso (68); C-grade nett Paul Butts (71); runner-up Duncan Purkis (71). Nearest the pin: 2nd Paul Gahan; 5th Jarrad Thompson; 8th Mark Rodda; 11th Mark Rodda; 13th Michael Cahill; 6th Jeff O'Brien. Field size 195.

Day 2: Overall gross Gene Ward (35). Overall nett Mark Oaten (31.5). A-grade gross Michael McClelland (35); B-grade gross Sergio Zanuso (38); C-grade gross Gary Rossington (42). A-grade nett Brett Beardow (34); runner-up Anthony Magarry (34.5); B-grade nett Gordon Dutton (31.5); runner-up Jackson Magarry (33); C-grade nett Jeff Edwards (33.5); runner-up John Carroll (35). Nearest the pin: 2nd Gordon Dutton; 5thMark Oaten; 8th Tony Thompson. Field size 64.

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