Marksman gives both barrels to AOC

MARKSMAN Russell Mark fired a parting shot at the Australian Olympic Committee before he boarded a plane for London yesterday.

The six-time Olympian wasn't firing blanks either over the row about his sleeping arrangements in the Olympic Village.

Mark was not happy he'd been told he cannot room with his wife and fellow Olympic shooter Lauryn, while gay couples will be allowed to share beds. He will have to share a room with fellow men's shooter Michael Diamond.

He complained, but it fell on deaf ears - and he said he knew why.

Mark said officials were furious with the couple after his wife posed in a skimpy green and gold bikini while brandishing a gun for a men's magazine, while he had endorsed the use of sleeping pills for athletes.

"Yeah I will stick by what I have said in the past, but the reality is I've got to move on. It's their (Olympic officials) show, I just want to take a part in it," he told 3AW News.

"But they have made their decision and there is no right of appeal or anything like that.

"It's time to start hitting clay targets now."

Lauryn Mark said she did her magazine shoot to help promote the sport and the proceeds would go to charity.

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