Cause of Manus Island "disturbance" unknown

THE causes of a "disturbance" at the Manus Island detention centre on Sunday night are still unknown, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday.

Mr Morrison addressed reporters in Canberra after a briefing about the incident which saw eight arrests and nine detainees injured.

But reports the disturbance was due to asylum seekers being told they would not be resettled in Papua New Guinea were "false", Mr Morrison said.

While he said the incident happened after a meeting between detainees and PNG immigration officials, he would note provide any more details on what prompted the disturbance.

Riot squad deployed to mass breakout of asylum seekers

He said it saw minor damage caused to fences, windows, as well as minor injuries to detention centre staff, when detainees used a "broken bed bunk" as a weapon.

While Mr Morrison said up to 25 people broke out of "Oscar compound" at the centre, he said there were not further "external break-outs" during the "incident".

He said he could not provide any details about what, if any, weapons were deployed by detention centre staff during the break-outs, or the specific reasons behind the "tensions".

Mr Morrison said an internal review had begun into the matter, and that he could not provide further information until that review had been completed.

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