Chloe and Kelly  with judges Manu Feildel, left, and Pete Evans.
Chloe and Kelly with judges Manu Feildel, left, and Pete Evans. JK D'Arcy

Manu schools Chloe and Kelly in French cooking on MKR

PERTH "know it alls" Chloe and Kelly were a bit less cocky the second time around on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The girls were out to prove a point that their cooking is more than mediocre after landing in the third instant restaurant round with the gatecrashers.

They hoped to wipe the slate clean, but it didn't seem like they'd learned their lesson about overconfidence, blaming the other teams for throwing them "under the bus" at their first instant restaurant.

But at least they vowed to cook everything themselves after they were slammed for using store-bought pastry and bread.

Their guests seemed impressed with their art deco Nouveau instant restaurant theme, but at the end of the night they'd be scoring the food rather than the decorations.

After a scare with their pasta dough, the girls served up a dish that was "chalk and cheese" compared to their disastrous first entrée.

"This is what I love about My Kitchen Rules, when we watch the teams just evolve," judge Pete Evans said.

"This was a mind-blowing dish.

"If you can continue like this I'll be very, very impressed."

Chloe and Kelly wait for the judges' verdict.
Chloe and Kelly wait for the judges' verdict.

Despite questions from judge Manu Feildel in the kitchen, Kelly insisted her recipe of cooking confit chicken for just 45 minutes worked for her.

As the rain set in, storm clouds were building at the dinner table about what exactly confit means.

"If you're going to be using fancy French words you need to know what they mean," Feildel said.

"It's disappointing because after a three-hat entrée, we went back to a pub dish. If I go to a restaurant and ask for a confit I would not pay for this."

Carly had her fellow dinner guests in tears when she delivered her critique of the main course in a "compliment sandwich" and mistakenly thought the Cannoli dessert was a pasta rather than a pastry.

"I'm actually a little disappointed; I find it boring," Feildel said.

"It's just ricotta with grated chocolate and some orange zest.

"If you're going to serve one thing on the plate like this you want every single thing to go bang."

The girls finally scored the elusive perfect 10s they were after with their entrée, but were given some homework by Feildel to learn about the French culinary classics.

Thanks to their disappointing dessert they found themselves sitting below gatecrashers Carly and Tresne on the leader board.

Tomorrow night, gatecrashers and "food scientists" Josh and Danielle will host their first instant restaurant, which from the preview footage appears to include edible paintings.



Entrée: Poached Marron on crab pillow with truffle emulsion

Main: Chicken confit with Brussels sprouts, speck and mushroom sauce

Dessert: Cannoli with chocolate and orange ricotta served with espresso-tini

Score: 68/100

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