Marcel Schauer was placed on probation for three years yesterday for the attempted rape of a teenage boy.
Marcel Schauer was placed on probation for three years yesterday for the attempted rape of a teenage boy.

Man who attempted teen rape free

MACKAY man Marcel Schauer, who has borderline intelligence and who attempted to rape a 13-year-old boy, will be on probation for three years with strict reporting conditions and also will receive medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment.

“I’ve done what I can to protect the community,” Judge Julie Dick, SC, said in handing down the sentence in the District Court yesterday.

Schauer will be on a national registered sex offenders list and he also has been banned from working with children aged 16 or under.

Schauer, 36, pleaded guilty to attempted rape of a 13-year-old boy when he faced court last Friday.

He took a 13-year-old boy into bushes at Andergrove for a smoke, used physical force to subdue the boy, pulled his pants and underpants down and said: “I am going to rape you, little bitch.”

However, the boy’s father coincidentally drove past at the time and saved his son.

Judge Dick said yesterday she had great sympathy for the victim and his family and had no doubt he and his family had suffered and had their lives changed.

She said she accepted Schauer suffered substantial head trauma at age 10, when he was knocked off a bicycle by a car, and that he suffered organic brain damage.

Schauer suffers behavioural impulsivity and was not amenable to counselling because he denies any behavioural or sexual problems, Judge Dick said.

He also was not suitable for any sexual offenders program.

However, there was a need for punishment and denunciation.

Rehabilitation is an important factor and Schauer was receiving some treatment, including therapeutic treatment with drugs.

Probation and counselling would result in intense supervision, she said.

“It’s important he’s repeatedly taught and reminded of what are the proper sexual boundaries,” Judge Dick said.

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