Danukul Mokmool was shot dead by police at Central Station last night.
Danukul Mokmool was shot dead by police at Central Station last night.

The man police shot dead in Central Station

THE half-brother of the man shot dead by police at Central Station last night said his sibling was suffering paranoid delusions before he left their western Sydney home last night.

Danukul Mokmool, 30, was shot four times by transport police after attacking a store owner and reportedly slashing himself with a pair of scissors at the station's florist shop at about 6.45pm.

His half-brother Charlie Huynh, 19, said Mr Mokmool had endured a torrid battle with illicit drugs and the law throughout his adult life.

Four hours before his death Mr Mokmool left his home, fearing his family wanted to harm him.

"Before he left he just though bad things, he has his moments," Mr Huynh said.

"I'm pretty sure it's the things he's been taking, I'm not sure what he's been taking.

"Around the corner there's a metal pole that my dad uses for gardening ... He thought I was going to hit him with it."

"He was like 'why do you have this here do you ... Want to kill me or something'.

He said his brother usually catches public transport to the city when he feels distressed or hops on a bike and rides the streets at night.

Mr Huynh had vision of the incident sent to him last night but did not realise it was his brother in the firing line of police.

But at 4am this morning Green Valley police knocked on his door to deliver the horrific news his half-brother was dead.

The men's mother Supaporn Chomphoo is in Thailand visiting family and had to be told over the phone.

"She just hung up the phone ... And cried for hours," Mr Huynh said.

Ms Chomphoo was trying to book a ticket home in the next 48 hours.

Police have launched a critical incident investigation into the shooting.

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