Hog-tie killer to be free in two months

A MAN who killed his housemate after hog-tying him during a "degrading" citizen's arrest over a rape claim will be free in two months.

Kenneth John Beattie a short time ago pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Malcolm 'Mal' David Wood on July 27, 2014, in Ipswich.

Moving impact statements from Mr Wood's family were read before Brisbane Supreme Court Justice David Boddice.

Justice Boddice gave Beattie eight years in jail with parole after three years.

With two years spent on remand, Beattie will be eligible for release in July, 2018.

Mr Wood's wife, mother and other relatives cried as the sentence was delivered.

The court heard Beattie bound Mr Wood because the victim allegedly "raped and bashed" Beattie's partner the day before. 

The Ipswich truck driver restrained him and then called the police to come and arrest the victim.

The way that Beattie tied Mr Wood meant the more the victim struggled, the more likely the rope around his throat would block his airway.

"You move your leg you choke," Beattie told Mr Wood before he died.

The victim was tied up for 20 minutes and Mr Wood probably had a cardiac arrest a few minutes before police arrived.

Police tried to resuscitate him but he died in hospital on July 31, 2014.

Beattie told police he "didn't want Mr Wood to die".

Justice Boddice said Beattie was acting as a "vigilante" when he "detained" Mr Wood in an "unnecessary, excessive and dangerous" form of restraint.

"Hog-tying him like an animal is a demeaning act," Justice Boddice said.

With three years spent on remand, Beattie will be eligible for release in July.

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