Mad Monk's rants help the 'yes' campaign

THIS weekend we should be all frothing about the footy finals. For instance, yesterday's AFL clash between the Crows and Richmond had everything - one team playing for their late coach while the other one hasn't won a final in decades so it didn't matter who won, its a good story.

Then, tomorrow, what about this for a game - the Melbourne Storm have been the benchmark all year and deserve to win but, hang on, the Cowboys, what a story, what an effort to come from basically ninth spot to make the final and possibly cause the upset of the decade.

For the record my support is on Melbourne which could be a disadvantage but I won't be crying if the Cowboys win as a Sydney final played between Victoria and Queensland with hardly a NSW-born player in sight - perfect.

So in the lead-up there has been plenty to talk about footy wise and human interest but where have we ended up with same-sex marriage?

If you missed it, the AFL players and organisation has been pretty much a yes, while all hell has broken loose with the Mad Monk Tony Abbott blowing up deluxe about the NRL having US rapper Macklemore as pre-game entertainment as he is singing his hit number Same Love?

Now here is the thing, the Monk is actually doing the yes vote a massive favour carrying on like a twit as I didn't even know anything about Macklemore until he blew up so he is probably contributing to the yes vote.

Then this week I saw the no vote ad on TV where a Canadian chap gets all hot under the collar about his Christian children being subjected to gay celebrations, wow. I saw Magda Szubanski the other day in an interview talking about the impact all these goings on could cause a young person, 14 to 15, struggling with their sexuality - it could be horrific.

Now here is the thing, believe it or not I don't think we have a bad politician on the Coast at any level. They all go into the game trying to make difference and I admire them for that but when some of them get there they appear to get bullied into toeing the party line and that same-sex marriage vote is the biggest mistake, injustice or whatever you want to call it in my time following politics.

I just hope this never happens again and our elected officials make decisions for the right reasons, not to keep their jobs. I would respect that which ever way they voted.

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