Love knows no boundaries

Next Thursday a group of locals are organising a “village barrow” for Magellan Street to engage community debate on attitudes to same-sex marriage.

My attitude is simple: why not?

Why shouldn’t adult same-sex couples have the same opportunities to express their love for each other as heterosexual couples?

I’ve been to a lot of weddings (including two gorgeous ceremonies in the past two weeks where I bawled my eyes on both occasions because they were so emotional and beautiful) and the single aspect that makes a wedding joyous is the couple’s love for each other.

That isn’t any different for same-sex couples.

The argument that marriage is a union between a man and a woman before the eyes of God is based on the premise that most people in Australia still believe in a western Christian society, and they clearly don’t.

Relationships between couples are their own business and no-one should have the right to tell people that their union isn’t as valid as another based on gender or gender attraction.

Love doesn’t discriminate and neither should Australian society.

Isn’t it about time we stood up and embraced all aspects of our community without judging one to be more acceptable than another?

A fair and just society is about more than giving everyone a "fair go"; it’s about recognising that all people should have the same right to be treated in the same manner.

One of my heroines Germaine Greer said on the ABC about a month ago that she didn’t believe in marriage and she wished women would stop doing it.

I don’t agree with her there (not any more; I did in my 20s) but it’s Dr Greer’s right to hold that opinion.

I believe women who want to get married should be able to do so and should continue to do so to the partner of their choice, whether that be a man or a woman and that the same applies to men.

Marriage is about entering into a voluntary union for life and surely it’s every person’s right to chose who that other person is, regardless of gender?

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