RUSH: One of the 100-tonne haul trucks Sarina’s Peta Becker is learning to drive.
RUSH: One of the 100-tonne haul trucks Sarina’s Peta Becker is learning to drive. MAIN Contributed

Deadly sister living the dream of big truck driving

PETA Becker will spend most of the next two years feeling like an ant.

As one of the 17 indigenous women to graduate from the Oothungs (Sisters) in Mining program, she has just started a two-year traineeship driving 100-tonne haul trucks at Dysart's Lake Vermont mine.

"I feel like an ant up in the big truck, above the trees," she said.

"It's a huge adrenaline rush. The whole experience has been.

"Driving a dump truck was my dream ever since I was young."

The dream became reality for the Sarina mother a month ago,

After getting accepted into the program, training kicked off with 'Get Healthy Be Deadly', a workshop covering a range of life skills.

"There was lots of bonding and I made some really good mates," she said.

"Everyone I work with has just been awesome."

They then had another two weeks of induction, where the "greenskins" were shown around the camps, drove simulator trucks and learnt technical competencies.

"They call us "greenskins" at camp. That's the word for people who are new, who don't know anything yet," she said.

Her seven on, seven off roster was set to kick off next week, and despite having two kids she wasn't nervous about being away.

"The kids have done really well," she said.

"Both of them are saying they want to drive dump trucks too now.

"And my brothers have been a big help."

But she said the 4.30am starts would take getting used to.

"I've worked in hospitality most of my life, which was nights," she said.

"I have to go back to being a day girl now."

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