HE'S BACK: Merrick Watts is coming to Lismore in March.
HE'S BACK: Merrick Watts is coming to Lismore in March.

Lismore Laughs line up unveiled

COMEDIANS Merrick Watts, Josh Earl and Tommy Little have been confirmed as the line up for this year's Lismore Laughs.

The mini-festival of comedy is back this year with three new shows.

  • Merrick Watts' Man of the Hour: Friday, March 9, 7.30pm

This is Merrick's first solo show.

He puts the delay down to not being able to come up with a funny enough quote to put on the poster.

Man of the Hour attempts to answer all the questions nobody's asking, like "Where did all the bull ants go? Now we have sink holes. Coincidence? I think not!"

  • Josh Earl' My Family Is Weirder Than Your Family: Saturday, March 10, 2pm

Josh Earl has a weird family.

You think your family is weird?

They're nothing compared to Josh's.

From a dad who can't read maps, a mum who can't be spoken to her when her TV shows are on, a Nan who needs table manners, and a dog that burps bubbles. And don't get him started on his brother...

From the award-winning comedian and host of Spicks and Specks and Stand and Deliver comes a show just for kids. (Ages 4-10)

It's family-friendly mayhem with songs, stand-up, and cartoons, bound to have everyone in stitches.

  • Tommy Little's The Last King Of Stupid: Saturday, March 10, 7.30pm

Tommy is one of the most exciting comedian of his generation.

His comedy bubbles with an irresistible energy - bursting to tell you the next story. He's smart, engaging and capable of holding a room in the palm of his hand.

As well as continuously touring the country with his critically acclaimed comedy, Tommy continues to be the popular fill-in guy for the funny chair on Network Ten's The Project, a role which has gained him national attention.

In 2016, Tommy hosted the prestigious Just for Laughs Australia, an 11-part stand up series shot at the Sydney Opera House for The Comedy Channel and if that wasn't enough, he also was named as host for the brand new Whose Line is it Anyway? Australia, also for the Comedy Channel.

  • Presented by Lismore City Hall, Lismore Tourism and Coopers at Lismore City Hall. Tickets for sale now.

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