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It looks like we are in for some torrid times weather wise – after all we are knocking on the door of summer in the subtropics. Given the recent extremely hot days we should be taking action in the garden to cope with it. In this kind of weather it’s important to only do our gardening and mowing in the early morning or late afternoon. Always apply sunscreen and don a broad brim hat before venturing out, and drink plenty of water.

Be vigilant with the water needs of pot plants both indoors and in the garden. They will need watering every couple of days. Shallow rooted plants such as azaleas and also recently potted plants will need regular water. Be sure to adhere to the water restrictions and remember that you are far better to deep water less often than waving the hose over the plants regularly.

If after my repeated reminders you still haven’t got around to mulching it’s now high time to deep water and mulch everything that needs it. After all it saves a lot of water in the long run and your garden will thrive.

Right now hydrangeas are flowering and looking fantastic. If yours are exposed to the hot sun you may need to protect them by driving in a few tomato stakes and covering them with shade cloth or hessian as the sun may scorch the flowers.

The Lismore Garden Club is holding their annual Christmas dinner for members and their spouses at the Lismore Workers Club on Thursday, December 10, at 6pm. Book with Ray on 6625 1773.

Finally: “Gardening is a bit like smoking; you can make your own or enjoy other people’s. It’s a whole lot healthier but just as addictive.”

– Shirley Stackhouse

Happy gardening

Ron Burns

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