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Every good garden must have some form of composting. I have personally tried all of the popular forms of composting including bins and tumblers. You could spend big money on some methods, however, it’s not necessary. I found the original, natural method to be the most effective.

Select a secluded corner of the garden and lay down some cardboard cartons on an area about 1.2m square. Punch a few small holes in them for drainage.

As a matter of fact, find a place big enough for two or three heaps so you will have a continuity of compost for the garden. When we moved in to where we live now I had six heaps. To build that many you need to bring in material.

It is important to have a mix of both high carbon and high nitrogen materials. Examples of high carbon materials are paper, wheaten straw and sawdust. Some high nitrogen products are animal manure, poultry manure, grass clippings, green garden plants and kitchen scraps excluding meat, seeds, onion and citrus peels.

Sprinkle your heap with dolomite and turn the heap regularly. When it is dry it may be necessary to water the heap. Keep your compost heap covered in wet weather.

The Lismore Garden Club is holding its annual Christmas dinner at 6pm on Thursday, December 10, at the Lismore Workers Club for members and their spouses. Book with Ray on 6625 1773 by December 6.

Finally: “Keep your words soft and sweet. You never know when you may have to eat them.”

Happy gardening

Ron Burns

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