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In my humble opinion no home and garden is complete without a domestic pet or two. Everyone, for varying reasons, has their favourites. The benefits for children and adults alike are huge. I also believe that to deprive a child of having a pet is to stifle their psychological development. And the benefits of seeing eye and hearing dogs and companion pets are well documented.

Dogs would appear to be at the top of the list as far as the most popular pet or companion animal. There is nothing or no-one more loyal than a well trained and socialised dog. Like some of you, we have a small fluffy dog that to us is like a child. He is one of the few breeds that doesn’t shed hair so he is a full-time house dog. He is walked on a lead twice a day. He is never allowed to run loose and we always pick up his droppings.

Cats are probably a close second to dogs in the popularity stakes. And while it is said that cats own their owners, they can be a wonderful companion animal. It is however most important to contain your cat in a cat run or in the house full-time. Statistics tell us that cats are amongst the worst predators on our native wildlife if left to run loose. So please be a responsible cat owner.

Backyard poultry are again gaining popularity. Before making plans to keep a few chooks it’s most important to check with your local council to see if you can keep them where you live and just what the regulations are. The benefits of keeping a few laying hens such as the docile Loman breed are multiple. You are rewarded with an easy to handle pet that supplies you with eggs and manure.

Cage birds, rabbits, goldfish and guinea pigs all have their respective merits as well – the choice is yours.

The Lismore Garden Club meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Lismore Workers Club at 1pm. Visitors and potential new members are most welcome. Phone Ray on 6625 1773 or Rosemary on 6629 3353.

Finally: “Try to be the most enthusiastic and positive person that you know.”

Happy gardening

Ron Burns

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