All new Lexus NX 300h, exclusive to Lexus of Rockhampton. Photo Tamara MacKenzie / The Morning Bulletin
All new Lexus NX 300h, exclusive to Lexus of Rockhampton. Photo Tamara MacKenzie / The Morning Bulletin Tamara MacKenzie

GALLERY: Lexus NX300h brings a whole new level of intutition

FOR anyone who knows me, I like to play devil's advocate to just about every situation that arises.

It's only human nature, and for a realist like myself, second nature, to doubt everything and safe guard yourself against disappointment, failure or mistrials.

Then I met my match - a four-wheeled luxury SUV that took playing devil's advocate to all time high.

I was left speechless - searching for my list of questions, a simple stand-alone, single question of "what if…", but I was left mute.

There is no question that the Lexus NX 300h is a head-turner, but it's the safety intelligence and innovation that has been engineered into this beast that left me baffled and eating my own words of self-doubt.

Intelligent like what you ask? Let's just say, Lexus see's what may or may not come your way and creates possibilities to assist you, avoid obstacles and prevent 'bad' things from happening.

Lexus NX300h incorporates human behaviour into their technology to create intuitive technology.

From relaxation to concentration and everything in between you do a lot in your car.

The NX's interior is designed to ensure things happen effortlessly and as safely as possible.

Intuition comes in various places and features - take the Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) that's standard in the F-Sport and Sports Luxury range.

It combines images from various cameras mounted on the vehicle to deliver an uninterrupted view of what's happening all around you.

A head Up Display displays key information such as speed and tacho meter readings, onto the windscreen in line with the driver's vision.

Multi-Information Display keeps you in touch with incoming calls and navigation directions for example.

And in the interested of safety can be controlled through the steering wheel buttons.

To help tailor the conditions of the road to your style of driving, the NX comes with a Drive Mode Select system including Eco, Normal and Sport.

Come sunset and the Automatic High Beam system turns the high beam off when another vehicle is detected on the road and back on to give you greater visibility in the dark.

In addition to this, Lexus NX also features intuitive technology such as heated front seats, 4-way steering column adjustment, power back door, rain sensing wipers, and moonroof.

Striking from every angle, the Lexus NX is a work of art boasting a fluidic muscular body like no SUV in its class.

Take the front of the NX for example: being bold and large, the L'finesse spindle grille contrasts pleasingly with the thin, sharp headlamps.

Wheel arches project dramatically front and rear drawing the viewer's eye to the 18" wheels.

LEDs have also been adapted for the L-shaped rear combination lamps.

Available in a hybrid (pictured) or a 2.0 litre turbo, you are offered plenty of choice between the two.

The turbocharged 2.0 litre 4 cylinder Atkinson cycle engine delivers 175kW of power at 4,800 - 5,600rpm and 350Nm of torque at 1,650 - 4,000rpm.

Alternatively the NX 300h's powertrain achieves the seemingly impossible - enhanced performance and enhanced efficiency with147kW of power at 5,700rpm and 210Nm of torque at 4,200 - 4,400rpm.

To ensure the Hybrid's battery doesn't encroach on the luggage space, the pack is separated into two units under the rear seats.

As for cooling and noise reduction, ducts are located on either end of the seat.

Safety is not just a measure of airbags, but a combination of features and technology working together with split section precision in the event of a collision.

Lexus achieves an abundance of safety features, both passive and active, including a body structure designed to absorb shock and dispense energy away, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert system, hill start assist control, electronic park brake, vehicle stability control and parking sensors front and rear to name a few.

But alas we have barely scratched the surface… did someone say self-healing paint?

For the frustrating light scuffs that can appear on your car, Lexus NX's self-healing paint takes care of it, as simply as parking your car in the sun.

For more information on the Lexus NX range visit Lexus of Rockhampton today.

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