THEY will be racing lemons at Queensland Raceway this weekend.

To raise funds for the Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Queensland Raceway will be hosting the 24 Hours of Lemons event where hotted up old bombs will be on the road for a day, split over Saturday and Sunday.

Queensland Raceways general manager Keith Lewis said it was a fun event where entrants enter a car for less than $1000 with safety improvements added to it.

"This is a fun event, not a serious race meeting," Mr Lewis said.

"The winner is the car that does the most laps over the weekend.

"But you can gain extra laps too. If you help another team get their car going again you can be awarded extra laps."

Keith Lewis of Queensland Raceway and Mayor Paul Pisasale celebrate the upcoming 24 Hours of LeMons at Queensland Raceway.
Keith Lewis of Queensland Raceway and Mayor Paul Pisasale celebrate the upcoming 24 Hours of LeMons at Queensland Raceway. David Nielsen

Mr Lewis and Mayor Paul Pisasale are both in the Ipswich City Rotary team which will enter a Hyundai Excel courtesy of Llewellyn Motors.

A total of 50 cars are expected to take part with some genuine lemons amongst them.

"I've seen a picture on our Facebook page of a VW Bug which has been slightly modified, which looks pretty horrible to be honest," Mr Lewis said.

Teams are allowed to have a limitless supply of drivers so that Ipswich City Rotary is hoping for 40 members to take part.

Ipswich's worst driver will also be on wheels.

"I am bit worried about, but my bliss will be others' terror," Cr Pisasale said, when asked whether he was allowed behind the wheel.

"I'm a shocking driver. I admit that.

"The other cars will be beeping because I normally drive at 40 km/hr. But this is for charity and it is all about fun and a good cause."

Cr Pisasale has had some lemons in his day with his first car, a Morris Major, one of them.

"I'll never forget taking my girlfriend out and there was a big hole in the middle where all the water splashed through," he grinned.

There are all sorts of what Mr Lewis described as "silly penalties" to add to the fun.

"If you drive off the racetrack because you are trying to hard and get two wheels off in the dirt, they call you in and put you in a wheelie bin," he grinned.

"Then they get your team members to wheel you down pit lane while you yell out 'I am a rubbish driver. I am a rubbish driver'...and probably take 10 laps off your race time as well."

Cars race from 8.30am-5pm on Saturday and from 8.30am-4pm on Sunday with trophy presentations to follow.

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