Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Prime Minister Julia Gillard Rob Williams

Labor's primary vote up three points

LABOR has drawn level with the Coalition in the latest Newspoll for the second time in the past three polls.

The latest poll, published in The Australian, showed that if an election were held today Australia would be delivered another hung parliament.

The Government's primary vote has lifted three points in the past three weeks to 36%, while support for the Coalition has dipped four points to 41%.

Using preference flows from the last election Labor's two-party-preferred vote has risen four points, making it 50-50.

The tied 2PP result matches the Newspoll of September 17.

Since that poll the sexism debate, sparked by Prime Minister Julia Gillard's fiery speech to the Parliament on October 9, has raged.

And it appears the debate, and perhaps, that speech, has not harmed Ms Gillard's standing in the electorate.

Ms Gillard increased her lead as better prime minister by two points to 45%, while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's rating improved one point to 34%.

Trader Minister Craig Emerson said the poll result reflected Ms Gillard's "resilience" as leader.

"They've thrown the kitchen sink, the bathroom vanity and the carport at the Prime Minister and here she is, still standing, making the tough decisions that are needed," Mr Emerson said.

"She's shown a resilience that I think is respected in the Australian community."

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