Knights coach Nathan Brown at a press conference.
Knights coach Nathan Brown at a press conference. DAVE HUNT

Knights coach fires up at post-match press conference

A FURIOUS Newcastle coach Nathan Brown has blown up at a reporter in a fiery end to his post-game press conference on Friday.

Brown was surprisingly resolved throughout the press conference after his Knights were beaten by the Roosters in a gritty game, marred by a controversial bunker decision in the second half.

But his mood swung when asked by a newspaper journalist about reports the NRL had finalised the sale of the Hunter club to Wests Group.

The question didn't bother the coach, but Brown took the opportunity to have a serious crack at the journo who had written an article earlier in the week about former NRL player Daine Laurie, who was charged with serious offences and jailed.

Laurie was briefly contracted to the Knights in 2012. He has been charged with firing a firearm at a dwelling or house with disregard for safety, causing wounding to a person with intent to murder, and discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He was refused bail in court.

"Whether these things have happened, it's not for me to comment on I suppose. That's for the NRL and Wests," Brown said of the NRL's supposed sale.

"For the club, you might have to write something positive (name) ... that might be tough for you to do but it would be good.

"That was horrible linking Daine to us the other day, bud. That was sad. The Daine Laurie story that you linked to us was sad.

"I understand you write plenty of bad things mate, negative things when we're not winning, I don't mind getting a hard time.

"But doing that ... you should try to do something good if you get the opportunity. Maybe the Wests thing might make you do it."

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