Cain McLelland
Cain McLelland Contributed

Cain catches glory for Australia in World U12 Tournament

LISMORE Baseballer Cain McLelland had a disrupted finish to the World Under-12 Tournament in Taiwan after suffering a knee injury.

Cain took over the catching duties and put in another strong game behind the plate for Australia when they took on Brazil.

Australia's final game saw them take advantage of some wayward Korean pitching which saw three runs cross the plate in the first innings.

Korea immediately hit back with two runs of their own in their turn at bat.

Australia continued to apply the pressure in the second with a further three runs taking a commanding 6 to 2 lead.

In the third Korea took advantage of fielding lapses by the Australian defence.

Australia tied the game in the fourth innings but Korea continued to exploit defence slip ups and stretched the lead, which they maintained marginally despite the Aussies hitting back, eventually winning 11-9.

Cain again took the catching duties for Australia, despite his nagging knee injury, and did a great job for Australia.

Australia registered seven hits for the game and just as many errors which eventually cost them the game.

Overall Australia recorded two wins and six losses which placed them 10th overall from the 12 teams - an excellent outcome against the strongest baseball nations in the world.

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