Toni Beckett with Hollie the cat after the ordeal.
Toni Beckett with Hollie the cat after the ordeal.

Kitty in a spin after trapped in high-speed washing cycle

A KITTEN has somehow survived a full-cycle in its family's washing machine.

Hollie, a short-haired domestic cat, is lucky to be alive after spending almost half an hour in a high-speed cycle.

Hollie decided to take a nap in the machine when her owner Chris Beckett accidentally placed a load of clothes on her and turned the machine to a 25-minute cycle.

The family's other cat, Pepper, was acting strangely running in and out of the laundry meowing at her owners.

Mr Beckett and his wife Toni didn't think anything of it.

It wasn't until the cycle finished that they noticed Hollie in the machine.

Mrs Beckett rushed Hollie to the Greencross Vets on Alderley St.

Practice manager Leanne Crothers said she was immediately treated for shock and hypothermia.

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"Hollie had corneal damage to her eyes and was at high risk of pneumonia and cerebral edema which is an accumulation of fluid in the brain that results in swelling," she said.

"Her body temperature was so low that the thermometer wouldn't even read for an hour.

"Her eyes were burnt from the detergent. I assume she kept her eyes open because she was so scared.

"It could have been a disaster. When they suffer a near-drowning like that they often vomit into their lungs and have a high risk of developing pneumonia, but thankfully she didn't.

"With such a high cycle it also could have caused irreparable brain damage but she was so lucky.

"The poor family was absolutely distraught at what had happened.

"It is a miracle she is alive.

"I thought nothing could survive that."

Ms Crothers attended to Hollie who remained in intensive care overnight.

The next day Hollie was able to go back home with no persisting injuries.

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