Dane Andrew Pilcher.Source:Supplied
Dane Andrew Pilcher.Source:Supplied

Killer’s shock triple-0 confession


FORMER soldier Dane Andrew Pilcher has been found guilty of murdering his ex-partner Corinne Henderson after harrowing audio and visual footage was played to the jury during a two-week trial.

A recording of an emergency call made by Pilcher reveals him saying: "I've killed my partner, my ex-partner."

"I'm pretty sure she's dead, yeah," he said in the shocking tape.

"There's blood everywhere ... it's everywhere. Oh Jesus I can't believe this has happened."

"So much blood everywhere, I'm so sorry," he said.

"I stabbed her with a kitchen knife ... I think she's dead, she hasn't moved."

The chilling call proved a key part of the case alongside police body camera footage showing a devastating scene inside Henderson's Townsville apartment where she died in September 2015 after being stabbed 21 times with a kitchen knife.

The jury found Pilcher guilty by unanimous verdict after four hours of deliberations.

The jury heard how on the night of 26 September 2015, Pilcher got a text message from a former colleague showing Henderson with her new boyfriend, Dwayne Wickham at the races.

Pilcher then sent the photo to his friend Karyn Gillham with the message "Kill them both" the Courier Mailreports.

She said asked if he was OK; Pilcher replied "This is going to happen".

Corinne Henderson, 32, died from knife wounds in her Idalia apartment September 2015.Source:Supplied
Corinne Henderson, 32, died from knife wounds in her Idalia apartment September 2015.Source:Supplied

Pilcher later walked up to Henderson's third floor apartment where she was with Wickham and entered after kicking in the kitchen window, Cowen said.

Henderson told Wickham to hide in the bathroom while she offered to take Pilcher to hospital for a cut on his arm that was bleeding.

In the minutes afterwards, she was fatally stabbed in the face and neck. Police footage shows Wickham being removed from the property after being assured Pilcher is gone, the ABC reports.

Pilcher had pleaded not guilty to murder and his defence counsel claimed his actions were self-defence, accident and provocation.

He said he was "infatuated" with his former girlfriend after they met on a fly-in, fly-out mining job in 2013.

The court heard from more than 40 witnesses including Pilcher's ex-wife who he phoned the night Henderson was killed.

Prosecutor Michael Cowen QC said it was a case of "sexual jealousy" after Pilcher found his ex girlfriend was seeing another man.

"If I can't have you, nobody will' [is] really what this case is about - sexual jealousy," he said.

Neighbours told how they heard raised voices, with Lisa Prentice saying she heard a man yell "F--- you, look what you made me do".

Pilcher stood motionless in court as he was convicted. He has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced later this month.

Ms Henderson's friend, Sally Jupp, told the ABC the guilty verdict was a "bittersweet victory."

She said Ms Henderson had worked in mining for 10 years and was about to start a new life.

"She was about to start building her dream home on the day after she was tragically and brutally taken," she said.

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