Jazmine Fisher, 3, shows her
Jazmine Fisher, 3, shows her "tattoo sleeve". Source: The Sun

Kids being 'inked' with spray-on tattoo sleeves

THE latest trend to sweep the internet is tattooed tots getting spray-on sleeves to match their parents' inkings.

The trendsetting kids have been getting the creative, temporary designs on their arms and chests, and can wash them off before school after the weekend.

Vicky McAdam, 48, from Gateshead brought the temporary tattoo trend over from America and it has been popular with ink-lovers young and old.

 "They are only young but the little kids love getting their tattoos to look like their mams and dads,"  Ms McAdam said.

"To see their faces when they look in the mirror is priceless.

"They absolutely adore their airbrushed tattoos. One of the little lads kept his arm out of the bath so it wouldn't wash off.

"It's all a bit of fun and it has really taken off."

Mum-of-two Ms McAdam started out about 10 years ago with painting children's faces, then  progressed to body paint for adults before tattoo art for children.

The airbrushed tattoos look so real that they are baffling those with genuine ink designs.

The tattoos are created by using stencils and Ms McAdam builds on each one to make a sleeve.

However, she also does single spray on tattoos if required.

She charges £30 ($52) a sleeve if they nip around to her house

Alternatively, she can go to people's homes and charges £100 ($173) an hour or £120 ($208) for two hours if there is a party of four or more.

Parents Jade and Wayne Fisher took their daughter Jazmine, 3, to have an tattoo sleeve.
Parents Jade and Wayne Fisher took their daughter Jazmine, 3, to have an tattoo sleeve.

Ms Fisher, 29, said: "We read about Vicky and thought it was fantastic what she was doing.

"Wayne is covered in tattoos and I have them on my neck, chin, hands, arms, back, legs, everywhere really.

"Jazmine goes to the tattoo studio and helps Wayne tidy up and gives sweets to people.

"She has been brought up with tattoos and doesn't know any different.

"But she is going to pre-school now and is seeing other mummies and daddies who haven't got tattoos.

"We thought these spray on ones would be great for Jazmine and for us to look back on. She's loving it."

Dad Phil Pygall, 36, had his five-year-old daughter Anna's arm sprayed with a tattoo sleeve to look like his.

Anna's mum Ashlee Booth, 38, of Blyth, Northumberland, said: "I told Anna's teacher first at New Hartley First School what she was getting done and then got the tattoo on the Tuesday night.

"She went into school and her teacher said Anna should tell her story in 'news time' and tell everyone about her experience and show her classmates her spray-on tattoo.

"She was so proud and I thought it was so lovely that the teacher saw it that way."

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