Nathan William Britt is back in jail after being busted dealing ice and heroin.
Nathan William Britt is back in jail after being busted dealing ice and heroin. Facebook

Judge's tough words for ice user

AN ice user told police the $35,000 of drugs they found on a family member's coffee table was for his own use.

Nathan William Britt, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two charges of possess dangerous drug and one each of possess a thing used in the commission of a crime and possess drug utensils.

Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Martin Daubney sentenced the 25-year-old to 30 months in jail.

With 12 months already served, Britt will be eligible for parole in July.

Crown prosecutor Clare O'Connor told the court police raided Britt's brother's home in Brisbane during September 2016.

Officers found bags of heroin and ice, $900, scales and other items.

Britt denied the drugs were for sale, saying they were for his own use.

The former Rockhampton man also said $500 of the cash was from his fortnightly Centrelink allowance and the remaining $400 was a gift from his aunt.

Ms O'Connor said police had evidence Britt was dealing the drugs as well as using them himself.

She said his family members verified his story about his aunt's cash gift.

Justice Daubney said Britt's "sad, troubled and depraved” childhood included violence and neglect and that was why he started using drugs at the age of 10.

He had since committed a range of crimes including property and dishonesty offences that he was sentenced for in Rockhampton in July 2016.

Justice Daubney said the accused could choose to live "another life”.

"You've been shoved from pillar to post and that has contributed to the way in which you have lived your life up until now,” he said.

"The way you were brought up and the way you are living isn't the only way to live life.

"There is another way and the other way of doing things won't involve you spending increasing amounts of time sitting in an eight-by-four cell at Wacol, waiting for them to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"You can do it if you choose to.”  - NewsRegional

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