‘It was the worst show ever made’

Just a very normal television show
Just a very normal television show

JACKIE O opened up about her stint on the short-lived 2002 series Undercover Angels on she and Kyle Sandilands' radio show this morning, recounting a day of filming that went horribly wrong.

She had teamed up with ex-Bardot member Katie Underwood and actress Simone Kessell for the show, which saw the trio surprise worthy members of the public with small good deeds.

Acting as their 'mentor' and sending the three women out on each mission was a then-20-year-old Ian Thorpe.

Undercover Angels lasted just eleven episodes, and critics were merciless: Sydney Morning Herald TV writer Ruth Ritchie declared it "the worst show in the history of the world," a somewhat harsh critique given the program's truly iconic opening credits:


Discussing her occasional forays into reality television on KIIS FM this morning, the conversation turned to Undercover Angels - a topic Jackie O was audibly wary to discuss.

"Yes, I was one of Thorpie's Angels ..." she groaned.

"I refused to watch that. It was the worst show ever made," Sandilands told her.

"It wasn't great ... Thorpie was supposed to be Charlie and we were his Angels, we'd be like 'Hiii Thorpie!'" she said.

“Hi angels.” “Hiiiiiii Thorpie ...”
“Hi angels.” “Hiiiiiii Thorpie ...”

"And they didn't even do anything! They'd go around to someone's yard and go, 'Oh, it looks like his whipper snipping is way overdue, and then Jackie or some chick from Bardot would whipper snip his lawn," said Sandilands.

Jackie O then revealed her worst day of filming - one that saw her travelling to the outer-western Sydney suburb of Mount Druitt to surprise a man by cleaning out his garage (we said the good deeds were small).

Anyone want two tickets to the gun show?
Anyone want two tickets to the gun show?

"I opened this guy's garage and it was chockas, full of junk. We spent the whole day cleaning it out, made it all organised," she said.

"He was supposed to come home at 5pm, but he was at the pub. The wife keeps ringing him. She's nine months pregnant, by the way, and she's got a pit bull on a lead. We're all outside waiting for him. She goes, 'Where are you babe? You need to be home!' and he says 'Nah, I'm stayin' out with the boys.'"

As they waited, disaster struck: The woman's pit bull took off after a cat and pulled her along the road behind him, on her belly. "She fell over and got dragged along. They don't show any of this on the show," said Jackie O.

‘Heard u been talkin’ s**t’
‘Heard u been talkin’ s**t’

Finally, hours later, the man arrived home from the pub, cameras ready to catch his reaction.

"There I am in my little white jumpsuit, trying to look like a 70s Farrah Fawcett. We're like, 'We've got a little surprise for you Shane ...'

"We open up the garage door and he says, 'What the f**k have you done with all me s**t?'

We said, 'Do you mind if we refilm your reaction and you act excited?' He was so angry at us!"

"Look, not all of them worked out."

For all your garage reorganisation needs.
For all your garage reorganisation needs.

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