It's OCD not LBW this week

Queensland Bulls cricketer Ben Cutting
Queensland Bulls cricketer Ben Cutting

THE week just gone is the first tour away this season for the mighty Maroons, and we have spent it in glorious Adelaide.

The first road trip is usually one of excitement for the boys. It's a chance to get away from home for some male bonding with your mates, a few practical jokes and of course, play some cricket along the way.

There is always an aura of suspense on checking in at a new hotel about who gets to room with who.

As always, the rooms are separated into pairs in apartment-style accommodation.

On any trip there can be plenty of downtime, whether it's in between games or at night after the day's play.

Some boys might bring their own entertainment along. Take Usman Khawaja for example, who this week brought along his Playstation 3 and the newly-released Formula One 2012 game, much to the disgust of his roomie, Luke Feldman.

The 'Fox' Feldman must have nearly gone bonkers at the constant high-pitched wail of a Formula One car bouncing off its redline night after night in his loungeroom.

In tours gone by, I can recall some late nights spent on the Playstation 3, usually playing whatever game is the flavour of the month.

At times there may be three or four consoles all connected together through a series of TVs, particularly playing the popular shoot 'em up game, Call of Duty.

Of course the tour is most importantly about the cricket, but scratch the surface and we all have some gamer nerd in us.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing an apartment for a week or two away on tour - you get to learn what makes another mate 'tick'.

You can discover quirks you never knew he had, as well as gather some 'dirt' on him to report back to the playing group for a laugh.

Quirk or not, the only player I have struggled to room with in the past is talented all-rounder and resident 'tree lopper' Michael Neser.

He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but spends his eight hours a night chopping down redgums. The man can snore, and I don't think there is a door, wall, or panel of glass thick enough to block it out.

This week I spent my time rooming with last year's Shield final batting maestro Chris Hartley.

His borderline OCD neatness and ability to tightly fold every piece of clothing into his closet is phenomenal. Fortunately I am in the same boat, and will happily room with you any day of the week Harts.

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