Here & Now with S Sorrensen

It's crazy.

How come our elected representatives in state government do not represent the wishes and best interests of those that elected them?

It's a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is patently, sadly, obvious - money.

And how can that woman sit there under the full melanomic might of an angry sun with no hat, no sleeves and skin as pale as a pro-CSG argument? Is she mad?

Well, her skin is pale now but it's cooking as I watch. She may be a greenie but she'll soon be redder than a gas flare at midnight; a red buoy in this sea of humanity. Pity. She has beautiful skin...

Beside her, but not with her, is an older couple, their yellow triangle signs of resistance to the mining of CSG lying on the ground next to their camping chairs. Their age has brought wisdom. They sit in the shade of an umbrella with 'Water is life' painted on it. And they both wear sombreros over grey hair. Sensible people. Smart.

The burning woman sits alone. She looks up to the stage where the new director of Get Up is speaking about people power. She has 'NO CSG' scrawled in red Texta on an exposed arm turning pink.

Maybe I should save her. I'm in a saving mood. Hell, I'm here to save the whole Northern Rivers. One woman with a toast complex can't be that hard.

Maybe I'll go up to her and offer her my sarong. (No, I'm not wearing one of course. I'm in public. But I have one in my bag. I never travel anywhere without a sarong - it's a towel, sheet, sun shade, picnic rug, tent, pyjamas, Superman cape and woman-saver.)

Our elected representatives at the state level represent the interests of corporations. That's obvious. They wear the uniform. The burning girl and a few thousand other people (and I) are appalled at this betrayal of public trust so we're here, protesting.

I'm also appalled that someone smart enough to be concerned about the greedy recklessness of CSG mining, would be stupid enough to sit in the sun and burn their loveliness away. Sure, the sun is where our energy future lies but this is not the way...

You can tell when you're on the right side in a battle by the quality of people who stand with you. I'm surrounded by colourful, sensible (except for the burning woman), caring people. This surely must be the right side.

And it's important to fight. The elected representatives want us to just lie down, roll over and take it like a loser. Maybe watch TV, go shopping or worry about boat people. But you don't get to Valhalla (a sort of drinking man's heaven sans angels and virgins) if you don't fight. And CSG mining is the line in the sand. On one side are people; on the other, money.

And what really gets me, is that we're paying these elected state government types generous wages while they promise the world, our world, to corporations. Corporations are not human. (They come from, um, Pluto - they're Plutocrats.) They do not treat worlds well. They're not like us. They would sell their parent companies if they could make a buck.

So, what the hell are our employees in state government doing flirting with them like desperate junkies, selling themselves and our future for a quick financial fix?

I don't understand. Are they crazy? Or is the burning woman crazy?

A man wearing a large felt hat ambles up to the burning woman, bringing her a smile, a floppy straw hat and a yellow sarong. He sits beside her. Sensible people protesting.

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