Tales about four-legged friends

Candy Baker wants your dog’s tale.

And no that isn’t a spelling mistake, thankfully, because that would make Candy weird and dangerous instead of an experienced and talented writer and editor.

Candy is compiling The Wonderful World of Dogs and is looking for stories from dog lovers.

The book is due to be published before the end of the year and follows on from the success of The Infinite Magic of Horses, a coffee table book containing pictures and stories from people about their equine friends.

“Life is not just what you see, I’ve always had a strongly intuitive, psychic side to me so the notion of animals being incredibly important in our lives sits comfortably with me,” Candy said. “Many people have had psychic experiences with horses and dogs and cats. I had a flood of stories about horses, describing what it was like when the horse had to be put down, and also how horses helped lift people’s depression. I’ve got similar stories coming in now about dogs and they’re fabulous.

“Because dogs live shorter lives, many of the stories are lovely but end up with the dog dying.”

So why dogs?

“What is it that dogs teach us? Unconditional love, living in the moment and letting go because you have to let go when the time comes,” Candy said. “Sadly as we become more urbanised, less people have a chance to have dogs.

“Horses teach us slightly different lessons. In order to gain a horse’s trust, respect and love you have to be a leader, otherwise you don’t have a good relationship with your horse and you have to find a way to forge that relationship without using force. They teach unconditional love too but they have much stronger memories for trauma, so you’re working with much more of a flight animal.

“You’ve got to work with horses, whereas a dog will give unquestioningly. A horse will say to you ‘you’ve got to work with me until you prove yourself to me’.”

Candy has three dogs but sadly lost one last year to tick poisoning.

“I talked to a psychic, because I was really distressed and felt like it was my fault. The psychic said ‘another dog will find you, just wait’,” Candy said.

“I went for a walk while she was at the vet’s and I found a black and white feather and I knew that she’d died. When I got home I took the call from the vet to say she was dead. Six weeks ago, in the same place I saw the black and white feather, and a colleague from work had a Staffy puppy that she had to find a home for... so Sparky found his way into our lives.”

Every published contributor will receive a free copy of the book and $1 from each book sold will go to a nominated dog charity, yet to be decided.

Interested dog-lovers should sent their stories to cbaker@bigpond.net.au or post them to

Candida Baker, PO Box 500, Bangalow, NSW, 2479.

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