The Rhythms of Ireland
The Rhythms of Ireland Contributed

Irish will kick up their heels

MODERN meets traditional in The Rhythms of Ireland, featuring some of the country's most celebrated dancers and musicians.

Music director Thomas Johnston said the show was a special showcase of traditional music and dance that still had some modern touches.

"It has a strong modern edge," he said.

But the sounds of the Uilleann pipes, fiddle, accordion and keyboard ensure the sound still has a strong traditional flavour.

Many of the performers in the show previously starred in Lord of the Dance and Riverdance and had brought their skills to this production, Mr Johnston said.

With stunning lighting, costumes and sound, the show offers an electrifying experience.

Working closely with the choreographer had paid off for Mr Johnston as it had made the show as seamless and interconnected as it could be, he said.

"We are not a storyline type of show.

"That means it is a greater challenge to engage with audiences."

He said a lot depended on both the music and gauging the audience's reaction to the performance.

This is the fourth time the show has toured Australia.

The first time was in 2007 and Mr Johnston said one of the most interesting parts of touring Australia was the number of people with Irish connections.

"There's always somebody who knows somebody back home," he said.

The show was high energy but there was also a lot of variation, Mr Johnston said.

He said there was sometimes just a "lonesome piper" out on stage, with the singer emerging from the shadows to start a new song.

"There is a lot of contrast."

Mr Johnston said connecting with the audience during a performance was crucial.

"We need their energy. We bounce off their energy," he said.

"But that's never really an issue in Australia."

The show will be performed at the Brolga Theatre on October 13 from 8pm.

Tickets will cost $69.90 for adults and $44.90 for children.

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