I’ll fake shark sightings to score more waves: jokester

ETERNALLY desperate for empty waves, at least one cheeky surfer writing on a popular surfers' forum has proposed faking shark sightings off Lennox Point.

User "Albertinelli" suggested the idea in a thread on surf forecasting website Swellnet about the multiple shark sightings and beach closures across Ballina Shire in recent weeks.

He declared he wanted to take advantage of the phenomenon he dubbed "Fanning Fobia".

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"Hey, might pay the Ballina jet crew petrol money to come out to the Point next time it is classic and warn people out of the water. When it is empty I will just stay in the water and have it to myself," he wrote.

"There is no law that I know that you must get out of the water.

"Get the jet boat crew to 'varoom' a bit around the Point where the supposed shark is to be and stay in the water. That would scare it off. Like I said it is FF (Fanning Fobia)."

But contrary to Albertinelli's boasts, local Lennox Head surfer Freeride76 said surfers in the area were "totally rattled".

"The sight of head-high, warm water Point surf totally unattended is becoming commonplace," he wrote.

Surfers are also becoming increasingly desperate to get their hands on some kind of effective shark repellent technology.

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