Diego Lioce is accused of slapping and raping a young woman. Picture: Central News
Diego Lioce is accused of slapping and raping a young woman. Picture: Central News

Ikea worker cleared of rape charge, uses S&M defence

AN IKEA worker accused of slapping and raping a young woman has been cleared after telling a court he thought he was satisfying her S&M fantasies.

Diego Lioce, 26, told a court the woman said she wanted to be dominated when they went back to his flat in north London, after a night out.

She said she agreed to go back to his flat after meeting him at a bar in Soho in June 2015.

While giving evidence in court, Lioce said the alleged victim told him she liked to be "dominated".

"She said she liked to be slapped. She was telling me about her last boyfriend. She said he was good on sex but not dominating her and f***ing her as she wanted to. I was so excited," he said.

Lioce added he kissed her and touched her breasts on the Tube back to his home, until she told him to wait.

He said when they got to his flat they started kissing on the sofa until she went to the bathroom.

Lioce admitted he then pulled down his trousers and walked into the bathroom unannounced.

He claimed she then gave him oral sex willingly before they returned to the sofa.

"I remember slapping her during the penetration," he said.

He said that she then told him she was "feeling uncomfortable and wanted to go home."

Lioce said he thought she was worried his flatmates might come back and suggested they move into the bedroom.

He added they continued kissing on the bed before he pushed her back and had sex again.

According to Lioce, it only lasted 20 seconds and denied telling her to "shut the f*** up".

He said the sex stopped when his penis started bleeding due to a medical condition, and she started dressing and said she wanted to go home.

But Lioce insisted that if she had told him to stop, they would not have carried on.

After she left the flat, Lioce sent her an abusive text message calling her a "b*tch" and accusing her of sleeping with other men.

The woman claimed she began having reservations during the Tube journey after he aggressively groped her and made comments in front of other passengers.

She said after they arrived at his flat she went to the bathroom only for Lioce to barge in and force her to perform oral sex.

The woman also claimed that she tried to leave but he pinned her to his bed, raped her, slapped her face and told her: "Shut up b*tch".

Lioce denied two counts of rape and two counts of assault by penetration.

Jurors deliberated for more than a day before finding him not guilty.

Lioce buried his head in his hands and wept as judge Paul Dodgson discharged him from the dock.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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