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I feel truly sorry for what seems to be the majority of people, who are so caught up and carried along by the frantic pace of daily modern life that they fail to notice the really worthwhile things in creation happening around them.

I will never forget one amazing moment I had on a visit to one of our families when they were living in Cardiff, near Newcastle. I was out for my morning walk and it is only at walking pace that you could appreciate the sheer beauty of a large Tree Dahlia covered in its radiant lilac bloom. They grow easily from a cutting in early summer and reach a height of up to six metres. They flower in autumn and should be cut back after flowering.

If there were ever a magic ingredient for the garden that can be made from mostly waste material that is all around us every day, it is homemade compost. It can be used on the majority of exotic garden plants with an almost magical result. It’s not hard to make your own compost from high-carbon materials such as paper, straw, leaves and sawdust and also high-nitrogen materials such as animal manure, poultry manure, grass clippings, kitchen scraps and green garden clippings. It is important to have a balance of high-carbon and high-nitrogen materials. If you don’t have access to animal manure, use a little pellet poultry manure between each layer and a dusting of dolomite. You don’t need any fancy compost makers, most of them do not work properly anyway. Simply select a secluded spot in your garden and place flattened cardboard cartons on the grass and build your heap layer by layer. Alternate high carbon and high nitrogen; if you do this you don’t even have to turn it.

The Lismore Garden Club meets on the second Thursday of the month at 1pm at the Lismore Workers Club. We have an interesting speaker at most meetings and regular social outings. Potential new members most welcome. For further information please phone Ray on 6625 1773 or Rosemary on 6629 3353.

Finally: “A smile adds a great deal of value to a person’s face value.”

Happy Gardening, Ron Burns

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