Hunch pays off for Lismore Workers’ Pryor with record innings

LISMORE cricketer Paul Pryor had a feeling things would go his way at the crease on Saturday.

However, he could not have predicted what was to follow.

Pryor, 30, dominated and was unbeaten on 201 playing for Workers in a Lismore District Cricket second grade match against Workers Red.

"I actually asked our captain to put me up the order," Pryor said.

"I was just feeling confident at the time but wasn't really expecting anything either.

"I did get a ton playing in a T20 game last year and that was good fun too.

Pryor has been playing for 12 years and has never taken his cricket too seriously.

He is no mug with the bat which is evident from his 135 runs in a T20 match.

His latest effort is believed to be a club record across all grades for the highest individual score in the Lismore District Cricket Association.

Team captain Anthony Macdonald was happy to trust Pryor's instincts on the day.

"We all know Paul is capable of big scores," he said.

"But yesterday when I was doing the batting card he said confidently 'put me in at four'.

"He seemed very focussed and the result showed."

The huge score helped his side to 5 for 300 with Workers Red 3-22 in reply.

"The captain was down at the other end for a lot of it (the innings) so that really helped," Pryor said.

"It was bloody hot out there but the time flew after I got past 100.

"In the end I was just swinging the bat around because I was that exhausted.

"I just enjoy playing the game, I've never really had any big aspirations.

"I'm not overly serious and just enjoy playing with a good bunch of blokes."

Highest run-scorers in Lismore District cricket this season:

  • Paul Pryor (Lismore Workers) 386, best innings 201 n.o.
  • Paddy Wilde (Evans Head) 329, best innings 68
  • Craig Hamshaw (Marist Brothers) 301, best innings 126
  • Matthew Sanders (Northern Districts) 222, best of 92
  • Trevor Clark (Lismore Workers) 198, best innings 65

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