Brisbane Supreme Court, where the man accused of burglary asked for rehab.
Brisbane Supreme Court, where the man accused of burglary asked for rehab. John Weekes

'House arrest' proposal refused for accused burglar

A FATHER accused of burglary has made a bid for "house arrest”.

Toowoomba man Travis Peter Richardson represented himself on Wednesday.

The court heard Richardson was accused of committing 23 crimes while on parole.

He had been in custody since August 9 last year and previously breached community service orders, Brisbane Supreme Court was told.

He faced charges including burglary, stealing, possessing dangerous drugs, assault and knife possession.

He was previously urged to ask for a "house arrest” type of bail to address his drug abuse problems.

Richardson told Justice Glenn Martin on Wednesday he wanted "house arrest”.

Justice Martin replied: "What's house arrest?”

Richardson offered to abide by a curfew and put himself into rehab within a month, adding: "I can't do that while in custody.”

But Justice Martin said he was concerned about Richardson's risk of re-offending.

Bail was refused.

In November, Justice Peter Applegarth said 30-year-old Richardson needed proper housing and "residential rehab” for drug problems.

"You must not be living with someone who might have their own problems with drugs ... you need to work out some strict regime where you're practically under house arrest unless you are going to therapy and the like.” -NewsRegional

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