Hot water bottle explosion sends couple to hospital

A COOMINYA couple are recovering in hospital after a common household item caused them to suffer burns to their lower bodies.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson said paramedics were called to a private residence at 10.44pm after reports a man and woman were injured.

The spokesperson said the couple were treated for burns after their hot water bottle burst.

The ACCC reports that every year, around 200 people in Australia are admitted to hospital with serious burns related to hot water bottles.

Burns educator from the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Yvonne Singer said burns from hot water bottle scan vary from minor superficial burns, scalds, right through to deep full thickness burns. "

"The most severe cases - the patients may need to stay with us for several weeks undergoing surgery and skin grafts," she said.

"They're extremely traumatic. They're extremely painful. And the pain doesn't just stop at the time of the injury. It goes on for the entire process until the wound actually heals. They're physically and psychologically draining.

"Hot water bottles seem like such a harmless thing but the dangers are very real… people need to understand that."

Both were transported to Ipswich Hospital in a stable condition.

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