Natalie Imbruglia
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Natalie Imbruglia backs Northern Rivers charity organisation

NATALIE Imbruglia: She's never quite been just a pretty face, and now she's shown the Northern Rivers just how philanthropic she can be, having made the first major donation of 2014 to the Northern Rivers Community Foundation.

The actress and singer, well-known for her role on TV series' like Neighbours, movies like Johnny English, and hits like Torn, has been known for her humanitarian work in the past - and now she's added a Northern Rivers charity to her belt.

The amount Ms Imbruglia donated has not been revealed.

A frequent visitor who loves the Northern Rivers community, Northern Rivers Community Foundation chairman John Callanan said Ms Imbruglia was happy to support Northern Rivers Community Foundation because its local grants reached projects she was passionate about.

The foundation's grants touched on issues such as young women's right to health, employment, higher education, happiness and creative expression, which were all causes she was committed to worldwide and now at our local community level.

Mr Callanan said Ms Imbruglia chose to jump on board with the foundation while visiting the region during the Christmas.

"I've been speaking to her over the last year about the foundation and what we do in the community," Mr Callanan said.

"She really didn't hesitate to jump in and support us.

"It's fantastic to get the support of people like Natalie."

Starting the year with a donation from such a famous face is a great way to celebrate the Northern Rivers Community Foundation's 10th year in action - a year which will be filled with birthday celebrations, Mr Callanan said.

The NRCF is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate in our community, either from economic circumstances, mental illness, disability, learning difficulties or drug/alcohol addictions.

Natalie's Imbruglia's greatest hits:

  • Torn, 1997
  • That Day, 2001
  • Wrong Impression, 2002
  • Shiver, 2005
  • Glorious, 2007

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