Tom Busby of Rockhampton duo Busby Marou gets The Grande rocking.
Tom Busby of Rockhampton duo Busby Marou gets The Grande rocking.

Hawke, parasols prove hits with fans

THE SECOND day of the Woodford Folk Festival was a scorcher, with temperatures reaching 33 degrees.

But the heat didn't stop festival-goers from enjoying the day, with many donning hats, fans and umbrellas of every shape, size and colour to stay cool.

Jacqueline Rutland, a theatrical costume designer on the Coast, was doing a roaring trade in fans and parasols at her A Bit Shady stall on the main drag.

"We always do well at Woodford but I think everyone should be using parasols and fans in Australia anyway because we're such a hot country," she said.

"I'm trying to singlehandedly bring back the parasol. I walk my dog at the Noosa dog beach with my parasol every day.

"They're perfect for here (the festival) because you don't have to fight people for shade."

Former prime minister Bob Hawke was greeted by a packed crowd in the concert tent, where he spoke on the subject of modern democracy.

He called the current state of the nation's parliament a "charade and farce" and called for the abolishment of the states and the strengthening of local governments.

He also said ordinary members of the public should be invited by the political parties to become min

isters to increase democratic participation.

"Some day we're going to come to our bloody senses and become a republic," he said.

He did joke though that state lines should be kept for things like cricket and footy.

Speaking of cricket, the shenanigans continued on the cricket pitch at the Festival Green where performers re-enacted highlights from the fourth Ashes Test.

Today has a forecast high of 35 degrees.

Highlights for today's line-up include songstress Clare Bowditch, Canada's Rose Cousins, The Basics and The Bombay Royale.

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