Look out for Coast's joyriding magpie.
Look out for Coast's joyriding magpie. Jodie Dixon

VIDEO: Meet the Coast's car surfing magpie

RESIDENTS may have many names for him - Hitch, Ten Ten, Willy, or even simply 'that bird', but there's no doubt that this magpie is ruffling some feathers.

The magpie has been hanging on to cars and going for a ride, much to the shock or joy of motorists.

Golden Beach resident Michelle Reid said she has noticed the bird hopping on cars at the Caloundra roundabout for months now.

Yesterday, her daughter managed to catch the cheeky magpie in the act.

"We see him all the time," Ms Reid said.

"Yesterday it was a fluke that I saw him in the rear-view mirror.


"My daughter, she's 17. So, like a normal 17-year-old, she had her phone in her hand so she flicked the camera on."

The Reids were on their way to the butchers to prepare for a Sunday afternoon barbecue when they drove through the Nicklin Way/Caloundra Road/Pelican Waters Boulevard roundabout.

This was when Ms Reid noticed their black-and-white stowaway.

"We've seen him for the last three or four months doing it," she said.

"We live at Golden Beach so we come down Pelican Waters Boulevard regularly - he's always there.

"He just hangs on and will wait until the next car comes along.

"He's just a little bird hitching a ride."

Ms Reid shared the video on social media, with some criticising the bird for his dangerous antics while others saw the joy in the joyriding magpie.

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