Girl attacked with a hammer at South Grafton High School

A STUDENT at South Grafton High School has escaped serious injury after being attacked by a fellow student wielding a hammer.

The young girl, who is in Year 11, was allegedly attacked during recess on Thursday.

It is believed the alleged assailant arrived at school with the hammer secreted in their bag. The victim was then threatened during class before being attacked in the playground.

A Department of Education spokesman said the young girl was not seriously injured during the incident but she has since been offered assistance and counselling.

"Inappropriate conduct of any kind is not tolerated in NSW public schools and the student involved in this incident has been suspended in line with the Department of Education student disciplinary policy," he said.

"As this matter has been reported to police, it is not appropriate to comment further on it at this time."

Police were expected to investigate the matter.

The alleged attack comes less than a week after six classrooms at the school were broken into and ransacked.

Nothing was stolen in the raid but the rooms were extensively damaged.

Windows and doors were smashed as the perpetrators attempted to gain entry to the classrooms.

Grafton Police duty officer Jo Reid said it appeared one of the windows had been smashed with a fire extinguisher, and damage had also been done to the school's electronic white boards.

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