Greens call for support for psychologically injured police

THE Greens are calling for police officers who commit suicide after suffering psychological injuries on the job to be added to the NSW Police honour roll.

The proposal is one of 11 reforms recommended by the party following a parliamentary forum highlighting the hidden problem last year.

Greens MP David Shoebridge, who hosted the forum, said the "roadmap for reform" could help police and their families deal with psychological injuries contracted in the line of duty.

"Too many police suffer psychological injury at work and too often they are not given the support needed to cope with their injuries," he said.

"If we expect police to run into danger on behalf of the public, the public needs to be there to assist police if they are injured.

"Psychological injuries aren't second class injuries and must not be treated that way by the existing police culture and legal structure."



  •  Police, including former officers, who commit suicide as a result of psychological injury contracted in the line of duty must be added to the NSW Police honour roll
  •  Clear the backlog of permanent disability claims brought by police insured by Metlife
  •  Establish clear limits on the use of covert surveillance by insurance companies in relation to psychological injuries
  •  Impose a mandatory timeframe for the determination of insurance claims brought by psychologically injured police
  •  Improve training, support and counselling for police
  •  Track and monitor cumulative or repeated trauma officers may suffer
  •  Work with families to help deal with the injuries
  •  Ensure NSW Police and insurers only use doctors with acknowledged competence in dealing with psychologically injured officers
  •  Parliament should establish a cross-party inquiry into the issue and recommend reforms

If you are thinking about suicide, or are concerned about someone else's safety, contact Lifeline 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 13 11 14 or visit the website for information and resources, including a tool kit for helping someone at risk of suicide:

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