Israeli- born, Australian musician Lior.
Israeli- born, Australian musician Lior. contributed

Grabowsky reinvents Lior on stage

TWO of the most respected music figures in the country are combining their minds and skills in a show that revisits one of their careers.

Singer songwriter Lior shot to the public's attention following his 2005 debut album Autumn Flow, which became one of the most successful independent releases in Australian history.

Then his collaboration with composer Nigel Westlake won best classical album at the 2014 ARIA awards.

Paul Grabowsky is an acclaimed composer, pianist and polymath who has received numerous awards in his illustrious 40 year career.

He has been a director of some of Australia's most prominent arts festivals, the composer of nearly thirty feature film scores, and several works of music theatre, the founder and leader for nineteen years of the Australian Art Orchestra, an executive at the ABC, and is currently at Monash University, where he heads up the Academy of Performing Arts.

Among his many awards are five ARIAs, the Melbourne Prize for Music and an H.C. Coombs Fellowship.

In recognition of his achievements he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2014.

The musicians have reinvented some of Lior's most cherished songs as well as bringing their own individual voices for a special show.

The evening will feature Grabowsky's interpretation of a Bach Prelude in C Sharp minor, to then move into a a vocal and instrumental journey through Lior's musical history, including his vocal interpretation of his song Daniel.

There will be mostly poetic ballads, with accompaniment by Grabowsky on piano, including selections from Lior's 2005 album Autumn Flow.

Out In The Country, a reminiscence about Daylesford in a bucolic rhythm with escapist lyrics about moving between city and country, may be one of the songs chosen for the show.

Grabowsky may play another piano solo, the melancholy Hoagy Carmichael standard I Get Along Without You Very Well.

Lior's cleaning lady was his inspiration for the songs Sonja, while My Grandfather is a sad and sentimental folk song.

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