Australian Government will not confirm or deny reports that a Navy vessel turned back an Indonesian people smuggling boat that ran aground last year.
Australian Government will not confirm or deny reports that a Navy vessel turned back an Indonesian people smuggling boat that ran aground last year.

Our readers respond to possible first boat turned back

REPORTS of the Australian Government allegedly turning back an Indonesian people smuggling boat have sparked a heated online debate. 

Here's the link to the original story: Reports Abbott has turned a boat back to Indonesia


Here's some of what our readers had to say: 

Comments taken from The Northern Star website and social media

mryellow: "Haha complete massive screw up. Domestic political tool for winning elections, should have never carried "stop the boats" mantra into office. The Indonesians know perfectly well that they have much more issues from this than Australia and are much more closely engaged in finding solutions. They see this imposition of Australian domestic rhetoric into their sovereignty to be the highest insult, from fat dumb white aussies no less. Complete fail as a prime minister representing the interests of a country on the international stage. Going to come back to bite in a big way."

Petesthoughts: "This is what the Australian people want to see. I am sick of hearing from the minority bleeding hearts. If they love them so much then go to Indonesia and look after them."

thinkingman: "Speak for yourself, as an aussie I deplore seeing my taxes wasted on expensive dumb hateful policies."

mryellow: "Yes it's what "some" Australian people "think" they want to see.
It is *not* a solution to a problem.
It is *not* conducive to good relationship with Indonesia, it's people or government.
It's a domestic solution to a political talking-point and not in any way, shape or form an attempt at providing good management of a real problem."

thinkingman: "The man is a genius, and to think it only costs the taxpayers $1.5 billion to turn these 47 refugees back for a few weeks. With a government like this who needs enemies?"

mryellow: "RE: Thats-choice-bro: ''Australia doesn't need Indonesia. Fact.' Um.... You sure?
* Our closet neighbour.
* Massively populated. We are tiny, tiny, tiny in comparison.
* Heavily out gunning us. On every scale.
* Much more ammo and military resources. We can't even afford to use real ammo in training.
* We lack a long-range bomber capability for the next decade or so.
* We only just built the Darwin railway Generals had been asking for since the 1800s.
* We still stockpile most stuff thousands of miles away from potential fronts.
Is it really a good idea to go with the "oh but we're better than them, ignore our neighbours, we're awesome"? Do you actually believe that countries live in isolation and can just ignore the needs, demands and shared interests of their strategic partners? Crazy. We aren't "all that". To Indonesia we are annoying little flies that think we're much bigger and important than we are. Which is extra annoying because it means when they try to deal with us we mess it up. P.S. US has more invested in Indonesia than Australia."

Petesthoughts: "I'm not too fussed about my taxes be used to keep people who have never contributed one cent to my country thinkingman. Most likely many will be a burden on our stretched welfare system for the rest of their lives."

Louise Jones: "I'm sorry but these so called asylum seekers need to come here legally. I agree with Operation Sovereign borders and I agree that no info should be published as well. Come here legally no problem. If you or I did it we would be be turned away too."

Greg Lewicki: "What a proud moment for a compassionate nation. I hope I never need asylum, but the way this joint is looking..."


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