COMMUNITY SAFETY: Nationals Candidate for Lismore Austin Curtin, NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman and Member for Lismore Thomas George.
COMMUNITY SAFETY: Nationals Candidate for Lismore Austin Curtin, NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman and Member for Lismore Thomas George.

Good week for reforms and funding

COMMUNITY safety is a priority for the NSW Government and recently Attorney-General Mark Speakman visited the region to highlight funding changes which will help the Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre continue its great work.

This month the new evidenced-based funding model for community legal centres comes online, offering the opportunity to secure more funding and certainty for these services.

The Government has already increased funding for Northern Rivers CLC from $58,982 in 2016-17 to $109,511 in 2018-19, helping it to continue to provide free legal support to our most needy.

Northern Rivers CLC provides a range of services, including family law advice, legal education sessions, domestic violence support, animal law advocacy and tenancy legal advice and its it is vital that work continues.

You may have noticed a new furry friend sniffing his way around Lismore's CBD.

Jet the Springer Spaniel has been trained to detect yellow crazy ant infestations and is the latest tool in the fight to stop the spread of this bio-hazard.

The accuracy of these trained dogs is second-to-none, with Jet used in the past to find and monitor koala populations.

Once fully-trained, Jet will be used to confirm the boundary of the infestations and also to lock on to the nests, which will allow greater scrutiny of bait uptake and movements.

If you see Jet and his trainers stop and say hi but just remember you can't pat him.

About 270 tradies in Lismore will save about $510,000 over 10 years by not having to renew their licences every three years, as part of the NSW Government's Better Business Reforms.

This come follow extensive public consultation, which also showed significant support for retaining 13 home building licenses.

This is a fantastic outcome for consumers and our local tradies, because it maintains important protections, while also reducing costs.

Renewal fees will drop from up to $605 every three years, to just a $51 processing fee for tradies to update their details every five years, giving them more money to pay the bills.

The licences that will become ongoing include decorating, painting, fencing, glazing, kitchen and bathroom benchtop installation, splashback installation, paving, shower screen installation, ducting/mechanical ventilation, shade sails and shade systems installation, dry plastering, wet plastering and minor maintenance/cleaning.

From this week local government and not-for-profit community organisations can apply for a share of $100,000 to hold events for 2019 International Women's Day to celebrate local women and girls.

Events must support at least one of the key priorities of the new NSW Women's Strategy 2018-2022 by either;.

  • Improving women's financial wellbeing and security,
  • Encouraging a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, or
  • Helping women and girls build confidence and resilience and celebrating their achievements.

NSW's first Women's Week will take place from Monday, March 3 to Saturday, March 9, next year.

International Women's Day will be celebrated on March 8.

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