FILE PHOTO: Blood stains left at scene.
FILE PHOTO: Blood stains left at scene. Nikita Watts

Man opens door to police, covered in blood

YOU CAN only imagine what went through the minds of two police officers upon knocking at the door of a Gladstone home, only to be greeted by a man covered in blood.

To make matters more concerning for police, who had been called to the home after reports of a disturbance, the man was also holding a blood covered towel.

Despite the confronting scene before them, the officers went inside where it was revealed that the man's partner was behind the offending.

The woman, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to one count of the breach of a domestic violence protection order.

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While the pair are no longer together, the court heard the woman was the respondent in a protection order made by the man during their relationship.

On June 30, a fight broke out between the pair after the woman slapped the man in the face, who was sleeping at the time.

The slap was over a packet of smokes, followed by a loud, verbal argument.

As the man began to get out of bed, the woman reached for a glass mug.

Afraid that she would use it on him, the man ran from the room and down the stairs.

He tripped over and hit head, causing him to bleed significantly, and reach for a towel.

By this stage, the police had arrived and were knocking at the door, the man answered the door holding the towel.

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Man opens door to police, covered in blood

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Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said her 31-year-old client was now a single mother.

She said at the time of the offending the pair were hanging out, and at the time, her client had nowhere else to live.

She said her client and the aggrieved were no longer together, but remained friends.

Ms Ramos and turned to point to a man in the back of the courtroom, identifying him as the aggrieved.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho said, despite the woman's living situation, the current protection order meant she could not attend the aggrieved's residence.

She imposed a $300 fine, a conviction was recorded.

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