George Dobson on his daughter's wedding day.
George Dobson on his daughter's wedding day. Photo supplied

George's 'white knight' revealed

THE identity of the white knight company that has offered to bring former Rockhampton teacher George Dobson back to Queensland from India has been revealed as Mondial Assitance.

Singapore Airlines have also offered their assitance.

George's ex-wife Therese made the announcement on Channel Seven's Sunrise show this morning.

The company's details have been a closely guarded secret since Friday, when news of the offer first broke.

Once it is established if George is fit to fly, Mondial Assistance will send a doctor and a registered nurse to India to take care of and accompany George back to Australia with the assistance of Singapore Airlines.

The family have announced further details on the website they set up to launch George's appeal.

George, 65, was living in his boyhood home town of Mussoorie in northern India when he stumbled and fell 15 metres down a mountain track.

He broke his back and lost the use of his arms and legs, sparking an incredible appeal for assistance launched by Therese and George's four adult children, who live in and around Rockhampton.

It was revealed that George had no travel insurance and the family set about a race against time to raise the money to fly him home.

A full medivac evacuation can cost as much as $250,000.

The appeal hit $57,000 in just three days, with donations flooding in from all over Australia and further afield before the offer of help.

Yesterday George's daughter Liz Leahy said the emotions the family had experienced since learning of George's accident had been impossible to explain.

“It's all been an unbelievable time. Some people have criticised dad for having no insurance but most people have been supportive,” she said.

“He knows about the messages of support on the website and they have been great for his spirits. And we have received help from all sorts of people we have never met, including Gary, the guy who put the website together for us.

“Thanking everyone who has sent money or a message of hope will be simply impossible.”

She said she couldn't wait to see her dad again, but understood that he faced a lengthy rehabilitation.

“I've been talking to someone who suffered the same spine fracture as dad and he's told me he could be in hospital for a year.

“Dad was such an active man; he always had a million projects on the go and loved to go hiking and camping. It will be a very difficult period for all of us.”


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