Gas goes, TV stays. Coffee anyone?

SO Metgasgo's gone and it seems now Dart has missed its target in the Northern Rivers, too.

It feels like another victory for the community, or at least a serious respite from an industry that 4 Corners showed us (again) this week has been hastily approved by governments without rigorous scientific procedures.

It comes on top of news about (another) Exxon oil spill in Arkansas, USA where a faulty pipeline has spilled thousands of barrels of oils into the tiny town of Mayflower, sparking a debate about the safety of transporting huge volumes of crude oil. Yet in North Dakota, such is the rush for oil that enough pipeline to circumnavigate the equator will be laid within the next couple of years.

The rush for gas and oil will continue to have disastrous environmental and social consequences if allowed to continue unchecked. Recent changes to regulations here seem to have at least bought us some time.

WE heard a story about a cafe in Ballina this week where customers can buy a "suspended coffee". The concept means you pay for a coffee which is then kept "suspended" in credit for a homeless or needy person to collect at their leisure.

You can also buy a "suspended sandwich" or whatever it is you would like to donate to someone in need. We think it's a great idea for Lismore and if any cafes want to pick up the idea, I will make a space available in The Echo to promote it.

LAST week we ran a poll to see if readers thought a TV guide was still necessary in the age of digital program guides, or if we should ditch it to make room for columns and crosswords.

The result was 33% of people thought it should stay, so for the time being it will. You can read some of the comments in the letters page (p.19). This week some space has opened up for the return of Mungo's Political Corrections column and the crossword (p.20).

These seem to be the most missed sections and I will include them whenever space allows.

Child approach was a 'misunderstanding': Police

Child approach was a 'misunderstanding': Police

Police say reported child approach was a misunderstanding

"It won't be long before there are milk shortages"

"It won't be long before there are milk shortages"

Farmers "stressed to the max, mentally and physically”

A good conversation is like a ball game

A good conversation is like a ball game

Observing the flow of conversation can be a spectator sport

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