Funny times at Woodfordia

Woodford Folk Festival is funny.

If laughter is the best medicine, and it is (except perhaps for a broken rib) then Dr Woodford has just the remedy for you.

With comedians gathering at the Woodford Folk Festival between December 27 and January 1, from all over this wide, drying land, the festival will prescribe split sides, aching jaws, tickled ribs and slapped thighs as antidotes to the rising temperature of a feverish world.

Some of Australia’s best stand-up comedians will bring their needle sharp humour to the Woodford Comedy Club, which runs every night of the festival at the Chameleon venue. From this perfect comedy stage, these celebrated comedy surgeons will soon have you in stitches.

Akmal Saleh, Gary Bradbury, Joel Ozborn, Mandy Nolan, Harley Breen, Jenny Wynter, Mark Mywords, Shelly Plunkett, Greg Sullivan, Alan Glover, Fiona McGary and S Sorrensen all have their wits honed to a funny edge for this gut-busting gig.

And for those who need a calm and rational dissection of the important issues of the day, there’s the infamous Comedy Debate, on Festival Tuesday.

This year, this annual meeting of great egos – er, minds – pits the Woodford comedians against each other to determine whether ‘Country Living is Better than City Life’.

You never know what might happen at one of these debates. One year a sheep was brought on stage to prove a point. Another time a comedian stripped down to a birthday suit. (These two incidents were unrelated...) Expect the unexpected. Wear a helmet.

In contrast to the sophisticated smile surgery of the nightly Woodford Comedy Club, there’s the emergency comedy ward of the Joke & Choke at the Duck Bar.

Informal, intimate and improvised, the Joke & Choke is open daily for lunch laughs and is hosted by that pair of likable loonies, Glover & Sorrensen. They take a scalpel to the tedium of life and give the audience and the festival a thorough going over.

Finally, if stand-up comedy has always attracted you; if you want the biggest adrenalin rush of your life, without a parachute, then check yourself into the Stand-Up Comedy Workshops, Monday 28th to Thursday 31st.

Guided by Alan Glover DC (Doctor of Comedy), these workshops are full of useful tips on the art of stand-up and how to survive your first three minute gig, which Dr Glover will supply for you if you’re game.

It’s scary and very dangerous therapy but your body remains intact so you can enjoy the many other attractions of the mighty Woodford Folk Festival.

Tickets are available on the Woodford Folk Festival website or call the Queensland Folk Federation on 07 5496 1066. Programmes are available by calling the Queensland Folk Federation or through selected newsagents.

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